Fun Of Traveling

Do you like to travel to different parts of the world? Well, seriously, if you would ask me, I might say yes. But there are variety of reasons why still up to now, I have only visited two cities in my whole life.

Money of course is the number one reason as to why I have only travelled to two cities. I was born and raised from a poor family. We had no spare money for travel and leisure. But we only have for our daily needs for food and hygiene. My mom is a teacher and my father is a farmer. My father earns very little money. When he got money, he uses it for his plants and the remaining is his profit which is given to mom. My mom on the other hand is budgeting the money in her hand. We eat very simple meal in a day and that is to enjoy that the money she has will reach at the next payday.

I was only given the chance to travel to two cities when I had to take a licensure examination and secondly, when I have to look for a job. Thanks God to those two reasons. By the way, I passed the licensure exam but I did not find job in the city.

I wonder how it feels to travel to different parts of my country for leisure. But still, I can not allot my money to that. I am thinking of some more important things to use my money for. I already have a baby and I am thinking of her good future now. I have to be very frugal so I can prepare a good future for her.

So if you will ask me now if I want to travel, my answer is yes. But not alone and not for now.


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