4 Lucrative Careers that Allow You to Travel


For adventurers, few things compare to the fun and excitement of traveling the world. Luckily, there are several jobs that allow you to travel while still earning a living. Rather than taking time off or draining your own bank account to travel the world, here are 4 well-paying career fields that allow you to travel as a regular part of your job duties:

1. Cruise Ship Employee

From camp counselors to restaurant servers, cruise ships are always seeking to add new members to their team. Not only will this job allow you to travel the world, but you will also get to meet lots of interesting people. From HR and guest services to food & beverage and entertainment, there are endless opportunities for cruise ship employment. Wages for a cruise ship employee can vary greatly, ranging from $800 to $8,000 a month depending on the position and cruise line you choose. Entry-level positions like waitstaff and cleaning crew will be at the lower end of the salary range while the maitre d’hotel will likely be a top earner.

2. Travel Nurse

If you helping people for a living, a career as a travel nurse might be a great fit for you. A travel nurse will work in various hospitals on assignments lasting several months before moving to another hospital. Some assignments come with perks such as free housing or medical benefits. Salary for a travel nurse varies based on the location and the duration of the assignment. On average, these nurses can expect to earn around $20.83 an hour. In addition to a base salary, travel nurses typically receive a stipend for meals and are reimbursed for travel expenses.

3. Travel Writer

Although positions in this field can be a bit harder to come by, a career as a travel writer can be a great choice for travel enthusiasts. From full-time travel writing for a brick and mortar company to freelance writing for various publications, travel writers are able to explore the world and chronicle their firsthand accounts. On average, a full-time travel writer can expect a salary of around $57,750.

4. Truck Driver

Driving a commercial truck is a great way to travel the country while earning a steady living. Not only do truck drivers earn a competitive salary, but companies like Landstar allow agents to operate as independent business owners. This gives drivers greater control over their careers. On average, truck drivers can expect to earn around $51,000. If you are ready to take control of your career, join us today.

Each of these fun and dynamic careers allow you to earn a great salary while traveling on a regular basis.

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