The Most Quintessentially British Things To Do During a Visit to the UK

When you travel to a different country, it’s usually a given that you’ll want to take part in the local culture and try new things you might not have tried back home. Britain is home to some wonderful traditions with a real patriotic feel when you are in or around the capital of London, close to the Royal family, and here are just a few ideas of what to try to truly immerse yourself in the locality.


Visit Buckingham Palace

The Royal family is, naturally, an integral part of the UK, and a visit should include a viewing of the Queen’s working residence. The area leading up to the palace, a pathway called The Mall, is an enjoyable stroll with great views of the palace before you reach the golden gates. Plus, if you’re lucky, you may get to witness a changing of the guard, a fantastic experience with true patriotic spirit.

There are other Royal residences around the UK which you can incorporate into your visit, which includes Windsor Castle and Balmoral Castle.

Have a Pint of British Ale

The British pub is a must-have experience if you’re planning a trip, even if you’re not that big of a drinker. You can still enjoy the cosy and snug atmosphere and the various options of ales and ciders you may not be able to find in other countries. There are many great places close to London you can try, such as an authentic gastro pub Windsor experience.

Eat Fish and Chips by the Seaside

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to fantastic spots to sit by the ocean and partake in a dish eaten from crinkled newspaper. Depending on the areas you wish to visit and the type of sight-seeing you’re after, you can base your visit around a particular sea-side area and incorporate your fish and chips along the way.

Iconic spots include Whitby, North Yorkshire – the inspiration for Dracula – and the Suffolk Coastline.

Have Afternoon Tea

You can either enjoy this experience in a quirky independent café or opt for a more lavish afternoon tea experience in an upscale restaurant or eatery. Expect to be served traditional English tea and scones with jam and cream, and very small, perfectly cut sandwiches. You can couple this with a fantastic view of a certain UK area if you want to truly integrate yourself, and if the weather is nice, you could have your afternoon tea on a terrace or within an outside seating area.

See a Shakespeare Play

Whether you’re a fan of the famous playwright or not, a cultural trip to the UK should include a visit to Shakespeare’s hometown, Stratford-Upon-Avon. Here, you can visit the house in which the playwright was born before catching one of his famous works on stage at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. If you genuinely wouldn’t enjoy watching a play on the stage, don’t let that deter you from the beautiful Tudor architecture around Stratford and quirky British shops for the best souvenirs.

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