A foresight into the blogging industry – Get acquainted before you start blogging in 2015

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Just when 2014 was coming to an end, people got worried about the things that they should know about blogging for the coming year. In fact, it was real fun predicting what the bloggers should expect in the next year. This year is going to be an encouragement for bloggers as the blogging industry will go through a massive change. Currently, blogging has become the new resume. Your potential employer will search your name in Google and check whether you have a blog. If you do, you can be rest assured that they will go through it. Now you have to keep in mind that your blog should contain what you wish others to see you as, a web designer or a writer or a marketer. This will not only boost your credibility but will also work as a portfolio. So, if you’re about to create this new resume of yours, here are some vital things that you should go through.

  1. You can still not defeat a WordPress or a .com setup: Are you new into blogging waiting to start your new blog in 2015? If answered yes, then this is the place to start with. With all the new domain name extensions coming out, most bloggers are worried about whether or not it is really important to have a .com blog. The answer to this doubt is that you will still require a .com blog which is self-hosted in order to rank in the Google search engine results. WordPress is also still the most famous blogging software due to its flexibility and customizations.
  2. Speed will become a crucial issue: Blogging is still being considered as the largest source of traffic and while you start blogging, it is vital to know that a quick loading blog will always have its own importance. So, what are the ways in which you can speed up things? Well, you can consider a VPS server as a quality one can speed up the loading time, you can learn how to shrink up stuff and looking for a good caching solution can also accelerate the loading time of your blog.
  3. Link building will take a new turn: The bread and butter for any blogging SEO network would be link building. In 2014 we saw a lot of big things happening in the SEO world and many people made lot of money. In 2015, one of the most vital predictions is to stop spending your dollars on links and rather start spending on advertising that leads and turning them into links. Hence bloggers will need to be more creative while doing their SEO work.
  4. Guest posting will work as good as ever: After Matt Cutts declared that links were not so good for SEO, people thought that guest posting was dead. But this is wrong. Guest posting will work just as good as it used to work. Make sure you don’t overdo the anchor text as this will make Google know that it is not natural. Ensure that you’re putting up your content on sites that have a high quality. If you want your guest posts to rank high forever, do them on authority sites.

Apart from the above mentioned predictions, the designing and content of the blog is also crucial. You may look for a company that specializes in web design in Omaha Nebraska to get the assistance of expert designing tips. After all, it is the design of the website, the optimization and the content that matters the most in retaining your search engine rank.

Gloria Philips

I am freelance writer and guest blogger and likes to share information with others

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