Why my mobile no charge

Why my mobile no charge

If however hard they try, the battery of your phone is not charging, then you will not stop asking yourself? Why my phone does not load well in unComo.com will help with the most common cases that impede leave the battery full? Before you pull your hair, read this article well; and especially do not worry, sometimes it’s easier than it looks.
Why my mobile no charge


The first step is to make sure everything is plugged in, both the charger to the phone as the source of energy to own charger. Maybe they have not hooked up and that is the source of the problem.

Do not take everything for granted, so check the power source that generates or transmits energy: jack, computer, etc. You might not have birth at home, the plug is damaged or does not have battery in the USB device you connect the phone to charge it.

Maybe the reason your mobile does not load fault is due to the cables to prevent transmitting energy between the power source and the phone. Why? Maybe it has peeled or slightly broken. In that case, try to stick with duct tape, which is suitable for electrical arrangements.

Why my mobile no charge

Move the connector, clean it well and dry it properly. Even the smallest speck of dust can prevent energy is transmitted to the mobile. You can choose to blow directly on all connections and rub with a dry cloth.

Try another charger, which comes both power and USB. If it works smoothly, then you know that failure comes from the charger, so you need a new one.

In the worst case, the problem is due to a failure of the phone. You can be sure if other shippers, who actually work, do not fill the battery of your phone. If you do not dare to open and remove the device calls, we recommend that you take it to a specialist for repair facility. Or you may have to start thinking about changing phones.

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