Altibase Launches Free Hybrid in Memory Database


When Altibase launched its hybrid database, it gave enterprises complete freedom over their database management. The Altibase hybrid in memory database has enabled businesses to benefit from the high speeds of an in-memory database and the reliability of an on-disk database. This way, businesses and corporations have been able to enjoy security, speed and scalability without having to choose between either. What this has done is made business operations more efficient, as businesses are able to process large volumes of incoming data, at very high speeds and use this for their business intelligence. When it comes to data, there is every need to ensure that processing is done when the data is still relevant. Considering big data tends to be overwhelming to many organizations, and therefore having a database that can effectively handle this is critical.

Over the years, many have clamored for the release of a free version of the hybrid database. It seems Altibase paid heed to these cries, because as of early 2015, this version is available for download. The availability of a free version of a hybrid in memory database to the masses means startups and small and medium businesses can benefit from this software without incurring extra costs. The CEO of Altibase Inc. says that the decision to release a free version of the hybrid database was driven by the need to educate everyone on the huge benefits of a true hybrid database management system.

This is good news to companies which have previously clung onto old infrastructure, with the excuse that the new technology is unaffordable. Indeed some companies will even opt to stick with old infrastructure because they believe it is working just fine, without realizing that their competitors are one step ahead of them. Companies that do not take advantage of the exponential growth in data-processing leave themselves vulnerable to many risks including risks associated with data persistence and security.

Since 1999, Altibase has been at the forefront of mitigating these risks for enterprises across the world. Making the hybrid database free for download means that the infrastructure upgrades are available for anyone who wishes to make use of them, and only companies that have no desire to boost their data process will ignore this free offer.

It is important to note that currently the Altibase hybrid database is the only relational database that marries an in-memory database with an on-disk database to provide speed and sustainability in one package. If you have a business and are thinking of getting a database that can be relied upon for security, speed and scalability, you should get to download the hybrid database right away. The benefits are many and you should be able to see the tangible changes of using this software. “For complex litigation tasks and other data intensive projects, the advantage of an in memory database becomes very clear,” says Adam Kutner, a prominent Las Vegas personal injury litigation attorney.

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