How to get the best out of an exhibition


For businesses events and exhibition can be a great way to get your brand, products and services in front of a specific and relevant audience. They will also help you to gain some great insight into the trade that you operate in. You can stay abreast of the latest developments, network with key people and keep an eye on what competitors are doing. It’s not always easy to know where to start

Which events should you attend?

Firstly it is important to identify which are the best shows to attend – you may not be able to exhibit at every one available because of staffing, cost and logistics but it may be that you can at least attend them first to get a feel for which you feel would be the most fruitful for you. Identify those with bigger footfall, those that seem to have more publicity. As well as visiting these exhibitions you can also Google, research on Social Media and check with other people in the trade what their views and feedback are. Nothing like word of mouth from likeminded associates to help you make a decision.

When, where, how?

When you have identified the events that you feel you would like to exhibit at you will then need to work out the logistics of how much space you will need and how many staff you will need to man your stand. How far away is the event? Do you need to factor in overnight accommodation for everyone and travel expenses?

Identifying the displays you will need

What sort of displays will you need? Will you need pop up stands? Where do you start with your branded displays? How much space do you have to fill? What will be the best use of space? All these questions but where do you start?

Marler Haley offers a broad range of event stands and displays, click the following jump to check out their collect of roller banner stands here. You need the right equipment to really stand out from the crowd and to get the best representation for your brand so it’s important to ensure that you have good quality equipment. Your brand image is key especially at events like this where you are appearing alongside businesses who are also trying to achieve the same.

Choose the right staff

You may be limited in the staff you can use to man your stand for the duration of the exhibition or you may have to do it yourself. Whoever you choose for this job they are representing you and your brand so ensure that they are able to represent you well. Consider using a “hook” to attract people to your stand – they will be someone that is not afraid to speak to people and invite people towards the stand. Whoever you choose they must be professional, confident and able to answer questions on your products and services. They are representing you and your brand so it is important that they can comfortably cope with the demands of a busy exhibition.

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