Marriage is a commitment

When a couple engages and wants to take the next step, wanting to get married. In the beginning of being newlyweds, getting to know one another likes and dislikes.

Marriage is teamwork. It is a not a free ticket to get you out of from living under your parents roof. Some marriages don’t even make it pass the first year because the two may have rushed into marriage for reasons unknown. Most young people are rushing in marriage for these few reasons.

1. The young male might of gotten the female pregnant.

2. The may feel there is no escape to get out from their parents roof and feel pressure or trapped.

These reasons are not good enough reasons to rush to alter and into a commitment of marriage.

In these new changes of how our world works now that two people in love will live with one another before taking the next step which is marriage. In the meantime they have children and if it don’t work out living with one another than the people who gets hurt of this type of situation are the children if there were any children in the time living together as a married couple.

Now I have heard from many who I have had conversations on this topic of marriage and when I asked the question: What do they feel about marriage? sixty percent of the people I have talk to have said that marriage is just a piece of paper. Well, my opinion it is more than a piece of paper, it is taken a vow in front of God and making a promise to one another to stay faithful to one another. Making a commitment with one another to share their lives with each other for the rest of their lives.

I met my husband when we were yet kids. First time I noticed him from a distance I was only ten years old. I wasn’t interested in boys nor was he interested in girls. He was more hanging out with his friends as I was too. It wasn’t until I became a teenager that I got interested in having a boyfriend. My husband signed up to go into the services. His family moved away so we did not see each other until some years later.

One day, my sister asked me to walk in town with her to go baby shopping and as we were heading down town we happen to come across my sister’s male friend and he had another friend with him. He just gotten off of the train to come home on leave from the United States Army. I did not recognize him at first who he was because he was much older now and has mature. So different than when I knew him at the age of twelve. So as my sister was chatting with her friend I walked over to the step and sit down as they chatted. Sisters friend, friend asked who I was and my sister introduced him to me. Well, a week later he asked me out on a date. Back then before two young people would court one another the male had to come and meet the female’s parents.

We courtship for about close to two years and out of the blue he asked for my hand in marriage. I did not give him my answer right away. I wanted time to think about it. Marriage is a serious commitment. It is not something to give any rights of power to play with one’s heart or their minds. It is not a quick fix in making a commitment to find a way out from living with parents. Marriage is where two people truly loves one another and it is a commitment to spend your eternal life with your partner who decide to marry.

First few years after being married it may be rough and rocky but that is to be expected. Couple getting to know each other, knowing the ins and out. Marriage is where the wife and husband works problems out together-teamwork, death do them apart through sickness and health. Marriage involves trust, communication, support, encouragement, genuine concern for one another well being, compassion, love and growing old together. When I say growing old together that means growing with the marriage not against the marriage because over time being married wants change, goals change, looks may change but one thing that do not or should not change is the heart how the wife and husband love one another from the start.

Husband and I have been married going on forty two years. “Oh, even today we have our differences but that is what makes out marriage stronger. Our love for each other helps us to get through the trouble times. God is the head of our marriage. Don’t give up on your marriage find that spark when you first met each other that you both seen in each other that you fell in love with. I love my husband and I am in love with him. He is my best friend who I can share my secrets with and confide in. We both are older and have some health issues but I will stay by his side as he will stay by mine and together his hand in my hand we’ll walk down the same path as we always walked down for forty one years.

He is my life, I am bless that God chosen me to be

his wife.

We will walk together hand in hand as we walk through

life’s path. We will walk in marriage as one.


I like to write poems and I am a wife of forty one years. I enjoy writing about positive things to encourage people to uplift them. I am the author of Jesus took an Angel home.

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