How to Help Your Loved One Stop Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is an addiction that can lead to severe consequences not only for the individual’s physical health and well-being, but also for their relationship with the people around them. It can be difficult to watch a loved one suffering from this condition, but know that with the right help and prompt action, there is still a chance to turn things around and help them get their life back.

It’s not going to be easy, and it will take a lot of work, but with a lot of patience and determination, you can help your loved one overcome their addiction to alcohol.

Start a Conversation About It

This is going to be a very difficult conversation to make, no doubt about that. It’s going to be a touchy subject, and one that they’re not going to be inclined to dive into. Given this, you will have to strategize an approach that’s going to be gentle but firm at the same time. 

Remember, the fact that they would even want to hide it from you is already indicative of their awareness that it is a problem for them. Their state of denial, however, is more to reassure themselves that they can handle it themselves. That’s why it’s likely for them to refuse offers of help if confronted with it.

So maybe try not being confrontational about it when you bring up the conversation. Try to gently ask light questions about their daily routine, and get a sense of where and how much does alcohol figures into it. 

They’re going to be very careful with the words they say, and you may have to read between the lines and connect the dots. But there will be clues, whether or not they realize it. It’s important for them to feel like they can talk without being judged for whatever it is they will say, so make sure to give them that kind of environment. 

More than simply trying to get information about it, you can even try making indirect recommendations for behavioral change towards drinking. You could, for example, say that you’re trying to cut back on your intake, and that you need an accountability partner, and maybe it would be good if you can do it together. The point is to not make them feel like they’re being attacked and put on the spot, and that they don’t need to go through it alone. 

Promote a Healthy Environment

If you already suspect that your loved one may be falling down the pits of alcoholism, try not to help it along. Maybe not have alcohol available at your place when they come over, or choose another venue for your hangout other than the bar. 

If it’s early on in the addiction, it’s still possible to dissuade them from getting into situations that would make them susceptible to drinking. When you go to a party where alcohol is going to be present, perhaps you can assign them as the designated driver. That way, they would be more mindful of their intake. 

Get Them Into Rehab

These recommendations so far can only happen if you’re with them. The life of an alcohol addict is rife with secrecy, though. You never really know what goes on behind closed doors, away from the view of other people.

If you think their alcoholism is about to seriously wreak havoc into their lives, if not already, then it may be time to get them into a rehab facility, like Ocean Recover ( This may require an intervention, or they might even willingly take it upon themselves to enter one. 

A rehab facility would be in the best position to help treat them of their alcohol addiction, with the help of tried and tested methods of therapy and medication. 

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