The Best Free Scheduling App Alternatives to Google Calendar

In the ever-busy corporate space, time management and scheduling efficiency go a long way towards accomplishing all tasks in time. There is no denying Google Calendar is one of the best planning platforms out there, but it won’t be perfect in every case. With a sea of scheduling apps on the internet competing for your interest, it is vital to take some time to review your options, so you select the best app possible. This article will save some hassle as we have compiled the best free and unique scheduling apps that will boost your productivity.

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Outlook Calendar

What good is a scheduling app if trying to create an event gives you a headache? Outlook calendar got it right. The functionality that it brings to the table focuses on saving time, implementing lengthy plans, and accuracy. Its basics allow you to:

  • Schedule meetings and share them with your team
  • Craft as many calendars as you wish and view them on one screen
  • Set email reminders
  • Use it on the Apple smartwatch

It goes the extra mile to allow synchronization with internet calendars, including Google, to give you an easy time as you transition. It is available for web, Android, and IOS, or you can opt for the premium plan with Office 365 for Windows and Mac.

Any.Do Calendar

You might already be familiar with the Any.Do to-do list (say that five times fast), which is a very reliable organizer. By integrating it into their calendar app, the company created a unique combination with extended functionalities on a single interface. The way it allows you to create and display an event is straightforward and fast. It uses the name of a constructed event to add critical information to it, such as necessary contacts. If you are looking to save time while creating your online trade conference or even staging a virtual party, this is the app for you. Any.Do Calendar accommodates diverse users, whether you are a CEO or a self-employed individual working from home. Its 4.6 rating on the app store from over 30k reviews is not a surprise.

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This scheduler works in browsers but clearly has mobile users in mind, too. They took the time to optimize for both Android and IOS so that you can organize your time on the go. The app’s responsiveness, interactiveness, and level of intuition are very competitive. Probably the most distinctive functionality of Doodle is how it allows polling. A manager planning a meeting can have the attendees choose between any of a series of time slots by way of a poll. This makes it very convenient, especially in the COVID-19 period where everyone is working from home. You can also preset the days and time you are available via Meet Me, so anyone who wants to meet you checks your availability before making an appointment.

Doodle communicates with scheduling market leaders like Yahoo Calendar to streamline sharing and date tracking, among many other features. The company has also been integrating artificial intelligence into their app and other products, which goes a long way towards giving users a streamlined experience.

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This app is among the simplest to use, and it does not have a paid plan, so everything is free. Very convenient for busy senior personnel who have little free time throughout the day, all you have to do is set up your list of available times, and anyone who wishes to meet you will select what works for them. Upon booking an appointment, your set meeting automatically displays on your calendars. The app is integrated with meeting resources such as Zoom and Zapier to give you an even easier time.

Scheduling apps are game-changers – they make life less stressful as they function like digital assistants. You can create appointments, set time, send reminders, and leverage other distinctive features. It is up to you to review and choose which type of app works best for you, depending on the nature of your job and activities. With the integration of AI and more exciting innovations, the scheduling industry has a bright future; it will see the apps come with even more exciting features.

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