Five Natural Disasters You Should be Prepared For

Due to its extraordinary size and complexity, the USA is a country that is prone to a variety of different natural disasters. It is likely that the number and frequency of these disasters will only increase due to the ongoing effects of climate change. It is essential that, no matter where you live, you think long and hard about the potential problems that you might have and find ways to mitigate them. Read on below for your essential guide on disasters to prepare for.

Natural Disasters


Brought on by hurricanes or heavy rainfall, floods can pose a serious risk to the safety of your house. There are a few easy ways to prepare for this, however, from checking that all your pipes are working to raising the elevation of your house and waterproofing your basement. There may also be the likelihood that you will need Quad Cities foundation repair, so it makes sense to look for a company that can service your needs. 


Hurricanes are a serious issue in the USA, especially in southern states such as Florida, Louisiana and Texas. They can cause serious loss of life. For example, Hurricane Harvey in 2017 caused $125 billion in damage and killed around 100 people both directly and indirectly. There are a few steps you should take ahead of a hurricane, including closing and bolting your windows, installing heavy duty bolts, upgrading the impact-resistance of your building, upgrading the durability of your roof, and bringing all your furniture inside. 


Some parts of the USA can get extremely hot, especially in states such as Arizona, Colorado, California and New Mexico. It is estimated that around 53 million people live in drought-affected areas in total. The key problem here, of course, is a lack of water, so the way to mitigate against this is to stockpile your own water just in case.


Tornados, like the one that whisked Dorothy away from Kansas in The Wizard of Oz, are most likely to occur in the so-called Tornado Alley, referring to areas in and around Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska. They can travel up to 300 miles per hour and leave great devastation in their wake. To protect against tornados in your area, you should probably get down into the basement and wait until it ends, have essentials in place so that you can remain down there for a while and remember any safety gear that might be necessary (such as torches). 


Earthquakes mostly occur in California and have been popularized in many movies, most recently San Andreas, starring Dwayne Johnson. They cannot yet be fully predicted, making it hard to fully protect yourself against them. Nonetheless, it is not only just Californians who have to worry, with earthquakes being known to also occur in the mid-west and eastern states, meaning that everyone across the country should have at least a basic knowledge of earthquake awareness. Naturally, the best matter of course during an earthquake is to get out of any building you might be in, as it is the falling debris that kills people, not the earthquake itself!

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