4 DIY Projects For 2020


Are you looking to make some home improvements this year? The start of a new year (and decade) is a great chance to take a look at your home and identify ways you can improve it so that it will be a much better place to live for the foreseeable future. There are many great DIY projects to consider this year, all of which could have a huge impact on how the home both looks and feels to you, your family, and any visitors that you have to the property. Read on for a few ideas.

  1. Improve the Curb Appeal

How your home looks from the outside has a huge impact on how people feel when they enter the property. This means that it is worth taking a long, hard look at the house from the curb to find ways you could make improvements— this could change how you feel about the home, as well as add value if you ever plan on selling. A few ideas include:

  • New door furniture
  • Painting the front door
  • Replacing the windows
  • Exterior lighting
  • Making a pathway to the front door
  1. Decking

You will want to make the most of the garden from the start of summer, which is why the beginning of the year is a good time to start work on your backyard. One of the best DIY projects is to install decking which will give you an area where you can relax, socialize and enjoy food. Decking can be relatively easy to install, and you can find all the bits that you need from places like Tradefix Direct.

  1. Loft Conversion

For many homeowners, the loft is simply somewhere to keep storage, but this is a huge waste of space. Converting the loft will help you add another room to your home which can make a big difference to your life, as well as significantly increase the value of the property. If you work from home (something that is becoming more common), you could turn this into an office space, or alternatively, an additional bedroom if you plan on adding to the family anytime soon.

  1. Kitchen Refresh

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, but it is also a space which can quickly become drab, messy and unattractive. Having a new kitchen installed can cost a fortune, but there are lots of easy and affordable ways that you can refresh the space to breathe new life into it. This includes ideas like:

  • Painting the cabinets
  • Upgrading your sink
  • A new backsplash
  • New lighting
  • Growing herbs

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for DIY projects that will improve your home in 2020. There are always improvements that you can make to your home and you do not have to spend a fortune doing this by calling out a professional. Instead, DIY projects are much more affordable — plus you also get the satisfaction of completing the work yourself which can be hugely rewarding.

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