Small Bathrooms: Can the Windows Make a Big Difference?


Having a small bathroom certainly isn’t one of the worst things that can form part of your property, but there’s no doubt it can still be a nuisance at the best of times.

Whether it’s the condensation which is just exaggerated, the lack of storage space or the fact that you feel like something of a goldfish as the whole world can see into your tiny room – they are all problems that a lot of modern-day property owners certainly have.

Rather than knocking down a wall, there are other more creative solutions out there. As some of you may have gathered, one such solution is the windows and just how these can make those smaller bathrooms a lot more tolerable.

Let’s start with the first problem; condensation. Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer that is going to permanently prevent this problem from occurring – science dictates that water vapor will be present if you proceed to take long, hot showers in certain conditions. At the moment, your small bathroom is probably used to these condensation particles attaching to your blind and curtain – creating umpteen odor and general dampness problems.

The solution comes in the form of a material that is susceptible to moisture; one that isn’t going to just absorb it and keep it until the odor becomes unbearable. Vinyl and PVC blinds both fall into this category and will just result in moisture safely running off the material, before it has chance to absorb itself in. The smooth nature of these fabrics mean that they are much better for cleaning than other products. Additionally, if you want to bring a little style into your small bathroom, faux wood blinds can offer the same solution but make your window look even more sophisticated.

The next issue that these small bathroom often have to deal with is a lack of storage space. In some bathrooms, a cabinet just isn’t an option – general movement is difficult now let alone with another piece of clunky furniture in there. This is where some window dressings are certainly better than others, with roller blinds generally being the preferred choice. These blinds take up minimal room on the sill of the window, allowing you to use this for more storage than other window treatment options would allow for.

Finally, let’s take a look at that privacy factor we also touched upon in the opening paragraph. Naturally, it goes without saying that this is a big deal in a room like this – you don’t want your neighbors sighting more than they really should.

At the same time, you also don’t want to cascade your already-small bathroom into darkness. We all know the power of light in small rooms and how it tricks the eye into thinking that a space is bigger than it really is. Therefore, taking products like Venetian blinds, it’s possible to allow some light into the room whilst creating enough of a mask to prevent prying eyes from peering where they shouldn’t be. It’s another problem solved – again, without the sledgehammer-wall approach.

Gloria Philips

I am freelance writer and guest blogger and likes to share information with others

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