How Your Home Can Help Finance Your Dreams

Whether you want to own your own business, buy the yacht that you have always wanted, or buy a second holiday home for your family, your current home can help you to achieve these dreams through a range of successful financing options. From equity release to bridging loans, these options can help you to get the funding that you need to achieve all of your dreams while allowing your family to remain financially stable for the future.


Take Out a Bridging Loan

Bridging loans are perfect for those looking to buy property for a business, buy a second holiday home, or expand their current home due to their short term nature. With a bridging loan, you can bridge the gap between getting the financing that you need and buying your dream home or business as this gives you the money to make an investment before you are able to sell your current home or get the money that you need through a different method, such as a traditional bank loan. Loans from the Alternative Bridging Corporation can then help you to invest in your dreams as quickly as tomorrow through their immediate access, which allows you to take out a loan of any amount into the millions as soon as possible.

Get Equity Release

Do you wish you could access your home’s value right now in order to invest in a dream such as a new business or a home development project? With equity release, you are able to do just that through its capability of converting your home’s value into a spendable sum for you and your family. There are a couple of ways to get equity release on your home, and these include lifetime mortgages, which you do not pay repayments towards, although you may have to pay interest- this option is perfect if you do not have dependents to which you wish to leave your house or finances.

Re-Mortgage Your Home

There has been a recent influx in homeowners looking to re-mortgage their homes in the USA. Re-mortgaging your home allows you to borrow money against your property, which can then be put towards your dream of a holiday home or second property, or instance. Re-mortgaging your home occurs when you decide to take out a mortgage on a home that is already mortgaged, reducing the amount that you have to pay back on a monthly basis, although extending the duration of your mortgage.

Use Your Home as a Guarantor

A high rate of Americans cannot afford their own home, and if your dream is for your children, and you are looking to buy property or business for them or another relative, you can use your home to secure a loan which can then be used towards their dreams. Then, your home would act as a guarantor which can be used to ensure that repayments are made at the risk of your residential property, allowing your kids to have the security that they need in order to make their dream investment.

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