What Are the Different Types of Computer Crime?

Types of criminals, perpetrators of computer crimes:
– Either they are professional criminals
– Must either be an amateur, and the so-called young geniuses informatics.

Driving reasons to commit computer crimes
– A passion for gathering information and learning.
– The love of adventure and excitement.
– Personal motivation: often programmed computer crimes committed as a result of his sense of power and self-worth, and his ability to break into the system, Vindf under the influence of the strong desire to self-realization.
– Financial gain.
– I have a curiosity of many.

What is your opinion?
Do you agree with these reasons?
Unique Characteristics of Cybercrime:
The characteristics of cyber crime:
– A link to a crime information computer and the Internet gave it a set of distinctive characteristics of this crime for traditional crimes are:

First, translational informatics border crime, or a crime is of the States:
– The information society does not recognize geographical borders is an open society through networks penetrate the time and place without being subject to border guards.

After the emergence of information networks, there is no longer visible borders or concrete stand in front of the transfer of information across different countries,
Estimated enjoyed by the computers and networks in the transfer of large amounts of information
And exchanged between systems separated by thousands of miles away has led to the conclusion that multiple places in different countries may be affected by crime per informatics at once.
Ease of movement through the information systems of modern technology made ​​possible the commission of a crime by a computer located in a particular state is achieved while the criminal offense in another state.
Definition of the crime generally, within the scope of the criminal law – which is also called the labels Penal Code and the Penal Code and promote each label arguments and grounds is not primarily viewed – as “illegally issued by the criminal law will decide his punishment or precautionary measure did.”
We would like starting to emphasize the importance of this rule in the definition of the crime, The catalog of the elements of the crime (behavior, and illicit behavior according to the law, the criminal will, and its impact – the punishment or measure imposed by the law) would in fact give a precise definition to describe the crime in general, and between them and reprehensible acts within the scope of morality, or civil crimes or disciplinary offenses.

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