The Artist In Me

My hubby will come home soon. After eight months of working abroad, he is now ready for his vacation. At last he will see his daughter for the first time, in person and thru video calls and the pictures I sent him.

And I think, I need to prepare something as a welcome gift to him. Last time, I tried creating a drawing using pencils. But I did not receive a good recognition of the effort that I put in on my creation. I felt depressed that I was criticized and I did not not feel being appreciated. Well, hubby is just like that. But I know he hates to see me cry. But he just can not help himself but say what he thinks he sees on my art. I knew it was not that good. Period.

One thing I realized is that the skill of a person fades thru time if not practiced. Just like words that are raely used which lead to being an obsolete term. If I want to draw again, I might need to try practicing it again. I hope when time came I create another drawing, my hubby will no longer say “epic” again.

I am thinking of framing pictures of our baby and hang it in the wall of our room. It will just be few pictures. But of course, i will put su ome artistic touch in it. I might add butterfly designs because it looks good. Good thing my baby is a baby girl and that using butterflies is just good enough. If my baby is a boy, I might use other designs because the gay blood runs in the family. I do not want my baby boy to follow that way, too.

Hubby will be here on Monday and I need to finish my project this Sunday. I will buy stuffs tomorrow and I will update you on what will happen soon.

God bless!

photo credits to me.


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