I Feel Very Sad

Today, I had a call from a trading company. I was surprised because they are the one who are calling. And they say that the location of their office is at the port. The port what? It was not clear to me. Sorry to me, because I m too kind when having a conversation to someone on either personal or thru call.

I wish I did not put in the details of my bank account. Ahh! I am too worried now of what might happen to the balance of my ATM card if this is just one way of phishing or fraud site.

I already run a review check about the site and I have not read a single review claiming that this site is a legit. If it is really legit, then why there is no one claiming that he or she uses the site to earn money via online.

For a mom like me, who do not have any job and who just stay at home, it could be very helpful though if I can earn one or two dollars in a day. That could be enough to pay my monthly internet bill.

I wish I was not able to disclose important matters on my bank account. I wish nothing bad will happen after I successfully deposited 50 dollars on that site. I wish they are using PayPal instead. Ah! So many wishes which just show that I am too worried. But it is way too late now. I did not want to blame myself either. It is already night time. All I can do is to go to the nearest bank tomorrow and withdraw the money inside my bank account. ah! I do not want to stress my self now to things that is beyond my control.


please do pray for me that nothing bad will happen. Thanks


photo credits: mine. That is the picture I took just few minutes ago.


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  1. FreeLancee says:

    Hi? Am really sorry for that and I hope everything will be okay.
    In addition, am requesting for some little help. I recently joined the site. But whenever I write a post, I cannot see a tab or button to submit/publish my article. All my articles therefore end up in the ‘Draft’ section after I preview them.Kindly help on how I am supposed to submit my post for publishing.
    Thanks in advance