General health tips

General health tips

Health is most important and truly it is the greatest wealth.

I am providing a few tips which will help you tick off the necessary things you should do each day in order to stay healthy and happy.

It does not take a lot of effort to stay healthy. The only thing to be remembered is to stick to a regime and never break away from it. Remember, health is important. It is no use lying like a vegetable and being a burden to others.

  • Get up early at a regular time
  • Drink water before consuming caffeinated drinks in the morning
  • Bathe daily and wear clean clothes
  • Eat breakfast regularly
  • Walk for twenty minutes at least if you have time
  • Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts are also good for the health but keep it to a minimum
  • Noting down what you ate each day helps keep a watch on nutrition and eating habits which will come in handy when visiting the doctor
  • Avoid snacks that are packaged because it is not good for overall health
  • Avoid high sugar content foods like desserts or canned fruit products
  • Socializing is also a healthy habit because it helps keep the mind happy and a happy mind does make sure that the body is also happy. It can be through social media also.
  • Mental health also affects our physical well being. Pursuing hobbies is a good way of keeping the mind refreshed.
  • Dancing is a fun way to exercise
  • Yoga is very effective in keeping both the body and mind active and healthy
  • Yoga mudra or finger yoga can be performed by those who are physically unable to do yoga
  • Eat dinner early and walk if possible before retiring for the night
  • If it can be helped switch off all electronic gadgets and the television way before bed time
  • Bed time can be utilized as a connection time with kids
  • Think positively and you will attract positive
  • Give rather than ask or demand; do what you can for others

I hope these general health tips will help you out. Please do not believe in crash diets or magic formula.

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