Switching from Smoking to Vaping – Why It Could Be Great for Your Image

Vaping has become a hot topic in recent years, with the term now so much part of our culture that it has even been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. As well as the verb itself catching on, vaping is something you see people doing more and more, from ordinary people to celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry and Johnny Depp. If you are a smoker and haven’t tried vaping yet, you can find plenty of reasons why it could be worth making the switch, however one that people tend to focus on less, but which can be pretty important, is what it can do for your image. Here are some of the reasons vaping can make you look better and seem more sociable than smoking tobacco:

Smoking Is Now Socially Stigmatized

There may have been a time, generations ago, when smoking cigarettes was seen as cool, but as we became more informed about the health risks, this view of smokers strongly reversed. Now, smokers are seen as irresponsible and selfish, and the habit itself is often regarded as disgusting. This may be a little unfair on smokers, who have an addiction, but it is the way smoking is often depicted in the modern media and in social groups. Smokers pass on their harmful secondhand smoke, and inconvenience the groups they are with by having to go outside to smoke on night’s out – this is the way non-smokers tend to consider tobacco smokers in social contexts.

Vaping, on the other hand, has a more positive image. Because there is no secondhand smoke, those who don’t partake tend to complain far less about being around vapers than smokers. If you have ever felt judged or stigmatized for smoking, vaping may help you get away from this.

The Smell

One of the things non-smokers dislike most about smoking is the tobacco odor. Most smokers don’t notice this, or at least don’t find it unpleasant unless the smoke is stale, but non-smokers often talk about how even being around someone who smokes makes their hair and clothes smell. They also dislike going into homes or other places where people have been smoking, and even dislike kissing people who smoke because of the tobacco smell on their breath!

Vaping does have its own aroma, and this will depend on the e-liquids being used. However, this smell tends to be pleasant, especially when fruity or food flavored e-liquids are being vaped. Also, because it is released in the form of vapor, it lingers less than smoke. If you are worried about how other people think you smell, vaping will help you stay confident that you don’t smell of cigarettes.


There are some straight beauty benefits to switching to vaping too. It won’t stain your fingers or nails, for one thing, meaning you won’t have those telltale yellow marks on your hands or discolored bits on your manicure. Equally, it won’t stain your teeth, so if you use whitening products to get rid of the yellowing effect of smoking, the results will last longer. If you bleach your hair or your hair is naturally white, you’ll also find that vaping won’t affect the color like tobacco smoke can. Some people believe vaping also lacks the premature aging factor associated with smoking, though e-cigs haven’t really been in use long enough to be sure about that.


E-cigs come in a wide range of designs, with lights and other features that actual make them quite cool looking gadgets in their own right. There are all kinds of nice accessories you can get like cases and battery packs, and just like your phone, your vaping device can be an expression of your taste and style. If you want to look tech savvy and have the latest gadgets, e-cigs are therefore far, far better for your image than any tobacco smoking accessories!

Using an e-cig may still not be as socially acceptable as using nothing at all, but if you still enjoy your smoking habit and aren’t ready to give up nicotine just yet, or have found yourself unable to quit, then switching to vaping can make you look more socially responsible, more attractive, and more fashionable. Even if you only replace some of your cigarettes with using e-cigs, you’ll quickly find that the people around you are less judgmental about your habit, and you’ll have the added bonus of looking and smelling much better to other people!

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