50 Shades of Grey is it the best love story?



This movie is the best of the year. I never saw an erotic story told in such a beautiful and romantic way. E.L. James is the best. It is worth watching!

I think that 50 Shades of Greyis the best story I have seen in 4 years. It shows how love can really change someone. When we first meet Christian we think that he is really an hot guy but he seems like a cold guy. He isn’t at all. As we keep readingthe story we see how amazing he is. It makes us girls wish to┬áhave a boyfriend like him. Even though he has different tastes when it comes to sleep together we see that he knows what love is. Besides everyone is free to do anything they want behind closed doors am I right? I say that for me it is one of the best love story I read in my life.
I learnt how love can be complicated because of people judgementals but I also learnt that love can overcomeeverything. That when we love someone we think about trying things that we never thought we could try or even like it. It is Anastasia’s case. When she first reads Christian rules she becomes scared but with time she starts to like what he likes too. I believe that for a relationship to work out people have to be honest with each other. And never force someone to do things that they don’t want to do. Christian told Anastasia what he liked but he never forced her to do things she didn’t like. It was always with her agreement.

For me if guys were more like Christian the world would be a better place. He knows how to value a girl. Most of all he puts his girlfriend needs in front of his. That’s what love is about. I am reading the third book actually and I really hope it ends happilly for Christian. He deserves the best because even though he suffered so much in his entire life he gives nothing but love to Anastasia. I advise everyone to read the book and watch the movie. It is worth it.


I love to write about love. Whenever I feel inspired I tend to write poems. I love to watch movies also.

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