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The innovation in technology has made it possible to bring us the most sophisticated gadgets at our disposal. The era of Nokia 1100 and other handsets have gone now. We have now iPhone, Samsung and other high tech mobile phones. The companies are now continuously updating and releasing new versions of the existing Smartphones.

sell old mobile

With the new features and advance functionality we are forced to opt for the latest and recent models of the SmartPhones. In this case we are left with the old mobile phones that are laying useless in our drawers. So in order to utilize them in the best possible way there have been companies which helps us in selling them for extra cash.

One of the example is which helps us to sell our old mobile phones and tablets for extra cash. Although there are hundreds of companies offering such service but as a user you need to know the following so that you can be sure that you will get the most out of your used mobile phone.

1# Price

The first thing that will come in your mind when selling your mobile phone is that how much you get for it. Unlike other companies provides the best rates in industry. You can compare them with the other companies and you will find that they indeed are the heights payers. So this is the first reason why you should sell your old mobile phone with

2# Selling Process

The second thing that comes in most of the people mind is that how the selling process is going to work. Well the process is quite simple and straight forward. Just visit the website home page and use the search box to search your mobile phone. The website will return the mobile phone models along with its rates. According to your phone specifications, you can select the phone and can click on the Sell Now button. At the next page you just need to enter your details and free post the mobile on the company address. This is how the process works.

3# Payment

After the phone is received by the company they will inspect it and will send the payment on the same day. The company pay on the same day and that is why you should sell your mobile phone with You don’t need to wait for weeks to get your payment.

You can sell all the popular brand mobile phones through the website. For example Apple, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry. If you have old mobile phone of any of the above companies, you can sell now.

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