Books to Screen Adaptations You Should Know About

Whether you like to read books or watch films, you’ll agree with the fact that people are now more into visual media rather than printed media. In this case, only books that break barriers get to attract more readers. But the truth is, even the most boring film has a chance of being watched compared to a boring book.

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The secret to this is creative production. With the emergence of excellent media producers like MTV’s Brian Graden, the media industry is nothing like it has ever been. Some media industries have even adopted the “book-to-film strategy” by scouring the literary world and finding stories that will eventually ignite the future of films.

Hollywood Here are some of the films that went from book to the films we watch: 

The Maltese Falcon

This film revolves around a mysterious falcon statue that the protagonist believes to be a hidden treasure, only to realize it was a false lead. John Houston is the man who first started his directing career with this film derived from a 1930 novel by Dashiel Hammet.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This is a film adaptation of the Harper Lee novel read by students all around the United States. According to media experts like Brian Graden, the film’s director did a great job producing such a great film even in the midst of one of the most turbulent years in history.


During the great depression in the 1930s, many Americans were searching for consolation in films. It was at this time that Tod Browning chose to bring back Dracula 1932 to the silver screens. Currently, among the many literary-based films, Dracula seems to stand out and has become a favorite of thousands of people worldwide.

The Godfather

The Mario Puzo best-selling book was also turned into a film known as Godfather, a film that will be a favorite for many people globally. This film was left to two people, the author Mauzo and the director Francis Ford Copolla.

Mauzo, the book’s author, was left in charge of the screenplay, while the director was left to direct the film entirely. The results were 40 pages which were longer than what the two were commissioned.

In conclusion

The above are just the tip of the iceberg of the films that were and still are adapted from book to film. There are more of these books, and most of them are not only an entertainment form that impacted the whole of Hollywood and the life of others beyond life in Beverly Hills.

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