Top 5 Epoxy Flooring Myths Debunked


If you’ve been thinking of redoing your garage floor, spring is a great time to do it. The weather is warmer, so you can leave the doors open to let the floor dry without freezing everything. Yet it’s not too hot to enjoy the outdoors. Epoxy floor coatings are a great way to upgrade your garage floor. Here are the top five myths around epoxy floors.

All Coatings Are the Same

Garage epoxy kits from the big box stores are often no match for a commercial epoxy garage floor coating. Professionals know how to work with the material. They can correct uneven spots and can evenly coat for a smooth finish you’ll want to show off.

Just Clean and Go

Applying an epoxy floor coating is more than just cleaning the area and applying it. Before the epoxy can be applied, a concrete surface profile needs to be applied to the entire surface. The deep clean opens up the concrete pores, removes any contaminants on the surface, leaves behind a rough surface and dislodges loose concrete. The right surface preparation ensures the coating bonds well to the concrete.

Epoxy Coatings Are Expensive

Professionally installed garage coatings shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. They are more likely to be cheaper than the box store kits, but often last four times as long. A quality company should have good reviews from satisfied customers and a reasonable price for install.

Constant Upkeep Is Required

A professionally installed epoxy floor coating doesn’t need to be updated every 1-3 years. Some of the cheaper kits though do require constant maintenance. A professional grade coating is made to last anywhere from ten to twenty years. A little annual cleaning and your garage floor should look beautiful for years to come.

Epoxy Is the Same As Paint

Epoxy may be similar to paint but works completely different once dried. Paint chips and fades easily with the wear and tear of a garage floor. With special hardeners and resins, epoxy is made to stand up to the rigors of a vehicle parked day in and day out. Dropped tools would mar a paint finish, yet epoxy withstands the dings with ease. Epoxy is often applied in a thick coating and resists chemicals, abrasions and UV rays.

Whatever you park or work on in your garage has a chance of damaging your floor. After a while, the concrete looks a mess. Epoxy coatings can offer a beautiful upgrade to your garage flooring and resist stains and spills that are bound to happen.

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