Tips for Getting Through the Holiday Season on a Diet

With only a few weeks to go until Christmas, the time of year where the most amount of people report putting on weight is almost upon us. And it is no surprise that the holiday season is no good for our waistlines, with parties and other festive events being hugely centered around drinking alcohol and eating delicious foods. Whilst there’s no need to completely deprive yourself of any treats this Christmas, if you want to continue keeping an eye on your weight throughout festivities there are a few things that you’ll need to do.

Make Mindful Choices

Watching your waistline over the Christmas period doesn’t mean that you need to go to a party and politely decline any food offered to you whilst secretly wishing that you could eat it all. In fact, with all the delicious foods on offer, there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t sample some. However, it’s a good idea to make mindful choices when you’re opting for what to eat. If there’s a buffet spread, go for the healthiest looking options and maybe one or two treats. The same goes for eating out at a restaurant – ask if they have a ‘light’ menu or ask for special requirements such as having the dressing on the side so that you can control how much of it you eat.

Reduce Portion Sizes

In small amounts, sweet treats and even fatty foods are not going to do a lot of harm to your weight. It’s when they’re eaten in larger quantities that the damage begins to show, which is why reducing your portion sizes over the holiday period is a great way to be able to maintain your weight whilst still allowing yourself to partake in the festive food on offer. If you’re heading out to a party, consider filling up on protein or fiber rich snacks beforehand to keep you fuller for longer and curb any cravings that you might have later.

Smart Drinking

If you’re being mindful of the foods that you eat and trying to reduce your calorie intake, you don’t want to undo all your good work by drinking large amounts of calories worth of alcohol instead. This isn’t to say that you can’t have a drink – it is Christmas, after all – but you should make smart choices when drinking in order to keep weight gain to a minimum. Sprits such as vodka and gin mixed with a low calorie mixer such as tonic water, diet lemonade or even Diet Coke are all excellent choices to go for as they are the lowest in calories. If you want to reduce the amount that you drink, champagne or pink prosecco are fabulous options as they’re low in calories and you’re also more likely to sip them than knock them all back at once. Being drunk is a major culprit for unhealthy eating, so ensure you have some healthy snacks ready for when you get home in order to avoid ordering a takeaway.

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