Strategies to Boost your eCommerce Sales Strategy

The past year was challenging for businesses of all types, and many of the challenges are still lingering. It is hard for businesses to bounce back as the world starts to open back up. However, the past year also pushed more customers towards online commerce than ever before, which is good news for businesses with online storefronts.

There are plenty of customers to fight for, but other businesses will win those customers unless your business has plans and strategies in place. There is money to be made, and customers are looking for another brand to be loyal to. Still, your business must be up to the industry standards and adequately playing the game of ecommerce to see actual results. There are many ways you can boost your ecommerce business, as the best methods are often a combination of multiple strategies and plans. While each business has its unique situation and goals, some universally used methods can help any ecommerce business if done correctly.

Improve The Checkout Process

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The checkout stage is where most customers abandon a sale and leave without buying anything. Customers leave a sale for various reasons, but expensive shipping, forced to create an account to finish the sale, lack of different payment options, and other unnecessary roadblocks are the most common reasons. Many of the reasons customers give up on a sale are entirely avoidable, but it requires businesses to understand what creates friction for customers.

Flexible Payment Option

Forcing customers to make an account to finish a sale might give your business valuable customer data, but is that data worth losing some sales. It is easier than ever to add new payment options to any online storefront. This means there is no reason to limit the payment methods your customers can use artificially. By accepting more payment methods, you open your store to customers who may have limited access to other methods or prefer one payment method for safety reasons.

Shipping is one of the most significant sticking points for customers as Amazon has standardized free 2-day shipping on most orders. Sadly, most small businesses cannot offer the same shipping deals as Amazon, but that does not mean they are helpless. Small business shipping might be tricky, but it is possible to get competitive rates. Warehouse shipping keeps your inventory in one place and lets you ship complete orders from one place. You can work with some carriers to get better rates or discounts on certain types of orders, but it will take purposeful effort and outreach to get the conversation started.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

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Too many businesses focus on the wrong areas and forget to put effort into the areas that will help the business. It does not matter how fancy your website banner is if your product photos do not show off your items or fail to give customers an idea of how to use the product. It is better to invest in your inventory’s high-quality photos before other aesthetic areas that might be optional in the grand scheme.

Once you have the proper pictures of your inventory, it is time to get the word out and use those pictures to bring in new customers. Email marketing remains a widely popular and effective tactic that allows you to show off your product pictures to make an excellent first visual impression. Attract customers with inviting pictures and an email message, but you can go even further with customer targeting to ensure ads land with maximum effect. Not all customers respond the same to every ad, and you can target ads, so they are sent to the most receptive customers. Use customer data and purchase history to figure out what customers like and what ads they would like to receive in the future.


The ecommerce realm is a relatively new industry, but it is rapidly growing as more people join the online community and start shopping online. Stores must compete for customers by upping their game and using the best strategies. Improve your checkout process to make it easier for customers to finish a sale. Put your best foot forward with professional pictures of your products and smart email marketing to pull in customers.

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