3 Reasons Direct Mail Is an Effective Real Estate Marketing Tool

The real estate businesses that see the greatest success generally have at least one thing in common: They are well-versed in effective marketing tactics or employ someone who is. Modern day marketing involves the use of more tools than ever before, including digital advertising, but this does not mean older tools have been excluded from use by real estate agents. Direct mail options like brochures and postcards for real estate marketing are still employed successfully by many real estate agents and companies as a marketing tactic. It has been shown that direct mail has a high ROI, or return on investment for numerous reasons. Here are three of them. 

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1. Targeted

One reason direct mail continues to work as a marketing technique in the age of social media and television advertisements is that it can be used to target a specific audience. Social media ads, while great for reaching large audiences, are not so great when it comes to trying to control who exactly sees it. Direct mail can be sent specifically to only a certain subgroup that might be more inclined to pay attention to real estate related content than a random person scrolling through social media.

2. Unique

Direct mail might not seem unique. However, in a time obsessed with the internet and the digital world, it is unique enough. Since it is less common today to have direct mail as advertising, it is more likely to catch a possible client’s interest simply by virtue of being different. 

3. Tangible

Another aspect of direct mail that has ensured its continued success in marketing is its tangibility. It is a physical reminder that can be seen and touched. Digital ads or emails may be closed out and forgotten, but direct mail by its nature is not so easily put away. 

Direct mail is by no means a relic of the past. For the reasons listed here and many more, it serves as an effective marketing tool in real estate and will probably continue to do so for a long time.


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