Best Work-From-Home Tech Gadgets

The current COVID-19 pandemic has millions of people switching from typical office life to working from home. Working from home might sound like a dream for some people, but it is easier said than done. Not everyone already owns the equipment they need to work from home, and there is a difference between being able to work from home and working from home comfortably. While a laptop might be all you technically need to work from home, numerous gadgets can make working from home much more comfortable. Use a blend of these gadgets with your personal practices to work from home successfully.

Tune Out Distractions, Turn Up Helpful Audio


If you live with housemates, it may be challenging to maintain quiet during work hours. You can talk with the other people in your house to establish ground rules and compromises that will let you work, but that is not always enough. If you can’t eliminate distracting sounds, replace them with helpful audio. Wireless headphones, preferably with noise-canceling capabilities, are a great and convenient way to tune out distracting sounds while replacing the noise with audio of your choice. Studies have shown that listening to music can improve your focus and energy levels. Choose the right audio, whether it be music or a podcast, to help you stay productive, but relaxed while working from home. If you can’t grab a wireless headset, you may already own a comparable alternative. Gaming headsets often feature excellent quality audio capabilities and a microphone for voice chat. Wired or wireless earbuds are also a common alternative that usually have a lower price tag.

Proper Posture

Whether you are working in an office or at home, it can be all too easy to slouch while working. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable while you work, but don’t sacrifice your posture and long-term health for short term comforts. Remembering to maintain good posture can be hard, especially while working from a new environment, but that’s where the Upright Go 2 comes into play. This small device sits on your upper back and vibrates to remind you to sit up straight. The Upright Go 2 comes with a companion app and a 30-hour battery life, making it the perfect posture trainer.

WiFi And Cell Signal Booster

If you are working from home, the Internet is likely integral to your job. Without an Ethernet connection, you are reliant on WiFi to connect to the Internet for work. Most households have a WiFi connection, but the signal may not cover the entire house, which creates dead zones. Working from home often means you will be working from different areas of your house to accommodate housemates, but dead zones can limit your options. A WiFi booster or repeater will extend your WiFi coverage, so you don’t lose connection anywhere in your house. Put the repeater halfway between your router and the dead zone for the best results. You can buy a desktop repeater that looks like another router or a wall plug-in booster for a low profile approach.

WiFi isn’t the only service that may be lacking in your home. Even with modern phones, cell service can still be a significant problem in homes around the world. You don’t want to be on a business call and have the call dropped because you walked into a different room. A cell signal booster will increase your coverage area, and the FCC has approved most models. However, most home cell signal boosters are permanent installations that require indoor and outdoor components.

More Than The Minimum


Just because you have everything you need to work from home doesn’t mean it is the ideal set up. Making do with the minimum technological requirements is fine, but if you are looking to upgrade your home equipment, there are a few areas to focus on. Working from a small laptop is possible, but a bigger screen will help your eyesight and posture. A 27″ monitor is the standard size for most people, and you can connect your laptop to the monitor to double your screens. If you want to ditch the laptop entirely, many pre-built entry-level desktops are on sale. A webcam is another standard upgrade that lets you see your coworkers, but you can also video call friends and family. Any upgrades you make can also be written off on next year’s taxes, which helps lower the cost of upgrading your home office.

Working from home may sound ideal, but it is harder than it sounds. Use technology to make it easier to work from home. Audio can boost your concentration while removing distractions, proper posture with the Upright Go 2 will keep your back in good shape, WIFi and cell signal boosters will keep you connected, and upgrading your equipment beyond the minimum requirements can bring a handful of different benefits that will make working from home more comfortable.

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