Common Reasons Why You Can’t Monetise Your Blog Yet (And How To Solve Them)

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Have you applied to Google Adsense, like many before you, and been flat out rejected? It may just be that it’s too early for you to monetise your blog, and you’ve jumped the gun a little. It can be frustrating sometimes to put all this effort into writing about something you really love, but then struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ultimately wouldn’t be great if you can make a living from your blog?

If Google didn’t give you a reason for its rejection, here are just some to think about and work on, so that when you try to monetise your blog once more, you have a stronger portfolio to show. Don’t let it get you down!

Not Enough Content

This is often an issue that arises from trying to monetise your blog too early. Focus on publishing content in a timely fashion and build up your site from scratch. You should have a healthy, plump content archive, full of fun and engaging posts. Don’t scrimp on the word count either – you need lots of detailed posts to look appealing to monetisation providers.

Wrong Niche

Some unfortunate news: your niche may be working against you, if it isn’t profitable for a lot of advertisers. On the other hand, being extremely niche can help you remain more relevant in your money-making schemes, if you approach companies directly, rather than through a third party. You may have to explore other options, if this sounds like it could be the case for you, such as product reviews and promotional offers.

Not Enough Traffic

Even if you have been granted monetisation advertisements on your blog, without traffic, you’re not going to make very much money. Focus first on building up reliable traffic to your blog. This way, it’s worth your while, and worth the while of the third-party website that you choose to go with.

Wrong Target Audience

You need to have a targeted audience that fits in with your niche. Advertisers will want to reach out to potential customers, not people who won’t find their brand appealing. If your audience is made up of eclectic individuals, you may struggle to get the returns that you’re looking for.

Not Updating Regularly

If you don’t update your blog regularly, you have a problem. This should be your number one concern. Without fresh, timely content, it’s going to start affecting your SEO rankings, and ultimately, how attractive you are for monetisation. Keep on top of it!

Not Creative/Innovative

If you are just like all the other blogs in your niche, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be picked up. Stand out from the crowd, and try to do things a little differently. That way, you’re more likely to be successful.

Didn’t Choose The Right Site

Many people make the mistake of exploring only one option. Google Adsense is usually the first place that people look, but there are other great choices out there, with marketplaces such as Tradedoubler for Affiliate marketing or for content marketing, which will take you through the whole monetisation process with ease. Just sign up with them to get the pounds rolling in to your bank account.

Other ways of monetising your blog beyond advertising could be exploring some e-commerce campaigns. Sell T-shirt or any other branded item that could make your tribe feel identified with your motto. You will be surprised the kind of support you might receive from your regular readers. Ensure you listed to them to learn more about what the like and you’ll accomplish more than you think.


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