All You Need to Know about Palliative Care and its Major Benefits

Palliative Care

In recent years, palliative care as we know it has undergone some important developments, and more people are realising how essential palliative care could be. Palliative care is care given to someone with a terminal illness or who has been diagnosed with a terminal condition, and its primary aim is to reduce the pain, both physical and emotional, of both the person with the condition and their family. If your loved one has a terminal illness and you are considering palliative care, here’s all you need to know about palliative care and its major benefits.

What is palliative care?

First, it’s important to understand what palliative care is all about. Palliative care, in its essence, is care which has been specifically designed to manage the symptoms and pain of a chronic or terminal illness in order to improve a person’s quality of life.

Palliative care can also guide a person’s loved ones, specifically their families, especially when faced with major decisions which they can find difficult to make on their own. Palliative care gives families a guide on how to move forward with the person’s treatment and care.

Where can one get palliative care?

Palliative care can be offered by different providers, especially those who are specifically-trained for it. Palliative care is often provided by a team, and this team comprises the physician, the nurse, and the care worker. It can be offered in various settings, which includes the person’s own home, a hospital, or an assisted living or care centre or facility. But it can be said that palliative care is often preferred by patients in their own home, where their surroundings can be adjusted in order to accommodate whatever treatment or care they require. The comfort of being in a familiar and loved place is often a big boost to someone who is terminally or chronically ill.

The major benefits of palliative care

Palliative care, particularly when it comes to palliative care at home where the person is in their own familiar environment and surrounded by things they love, can provide a terminally ill or chronically ill patient with the care they need to manage not only their physical pain but also their emotional well-being. Whilst palliative care can be geared towards making sure that the person who is ill receives the proper treatment and care, it is also focused on and provides social and emotional care for both the person and their family.

Palliative care provides patients with a fully personalised service which caters to all their needs, and this relieves the burden that family members often have to face as well. With the proper palliative care, your loved one can retain their dignity and spend precious time with everyone in the family in privacy and in the comfort of their own home – and this is a priceless benefit indeed.


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