Mobile Medical Equipment and Devices Lead to Better Overall Care


Mobile medical equipment leads to better levels of care and to improved patient satisfaction. When someone is hospitalized or in a physician’s office, they can feel stressed out and anxious. Knowing they can have procedures like ultrasounds and x-rays done in the same room helps improve the overall experience.

For physicians and health care workers, having monitoring systems readily available next to the patient’s bed gives them instant access to crucial data, enabling them to make better, faster decisions about patient care. For patients, when things like IV carts are portable, it can lead to an increased desire to get up and move about, potentially shortening recovery time.

Factors That Help Make Medical Equipment Portable

Advances in technology and in medicine have made the machinery associated with medical care smaller and more portable. It’s similar to computers and cell phones. The more the latest technology advances, the smaller and more compact medical equipment and devices become.

A smaller, sometimes forgotten item that has made medical devices and machinery more portable is medical casters. They can be created from materials like nylon to help keep them from scratching floors. Sometimes they’re made from chrome, giving them superior durability and making them longer lasting. Wheels that can withstand high temperatures are critical for machines that produce heat like autoclaves used for sterilizing equipment. Casters can also come with or without brakes, an outstanding feature for things that patients use like IV carts.

Portable Equipment That has Enhanced Patient Care

Some of the best examples of medical equipment that has enhanced patient care by being made portable include:

– Monitors – Including heart monitors, breathing monitors and constant blood pressure monitors

– IV Carts – Patients need to move about, but still must be receiving fluids and medications by intravenous lines. This makes portable IV carts essential for better care

– Autoclaves – Portable sterilization units are critical parts of any operating or procedure room, giving physicians and assistants instant access to sterilized equipment for less delay in treatment

– Defibrillators – Critical so emergency defibrillation can be administered fast, saving precious seconds and potentially saving lives

Portable medical equipment has dramatically improved patient’s experiences. It enhances their experiences and improves medical personnel’s lives and the crucial work they do. Portable equipment also makes medical care quickly accessible, vital for when seconds count.

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