Samsung puts the release date VR Gear

During the Samsung Developer Conference held yesterday, the South Korean giant technology has officially announced the release date of the first batch of virtual reality helmets Gear VR, which will soon be available in major markets. Those who wish to seize this new device will only have to wait until early December. Note that this release will not be exclusive to South Korea since the helmet will be hitting several major markets worldwide.

In the US, the new center will be released as the Innovator Edition Gear VR originally mentioned during the month of September. This edition of the helmet technology will Oculus, whom the South Korean has been working in recent months. Recall that the VR Gear for now is only compatible with the Galaxy Note 4 , which has a great screen Super AMOLED 5.7 inch Quad HD resolution, thanks to which we will get a first visual experience.

The official specifications do not seem to have changed much, but now carries a 16GB microSD which comes loaded software system, images and other things. The town has several sensors including acceleration, geomagnetic, proximity and gyro. Recall that the Note 4 connected to the hull using the microUSB port and can make use of a touchpad, back button and volume to access the different sections and applications.

From now is also available a new kit for developers known as the Oculus Mobile SDK, designed for those looking to create their own content and applications for VR Gear . But that’s not all, because Samsung and Oculus already working with other companies to create additional content.

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