Share large files between your computer and your phone

ShareIt is an application that lets you transfer large files between your desktop and your mobile phone. The tool uses the Wi-Fi network to transfer files and consumes no phone data. Thanks to the utility you can share video files or photos in HD quality without connecting cables, upload files to the cloud or use a USB device. You can transfer heavy file between your computer and your phone (Android – iOS) between phones (Android, Windows Phone and iOS) or between computers.


Once downloaded the application from their official website (you’ll have to download and install for each device), you can see its simple interface, from which you will begin to transfer large files instantly. In the test we will from be from a computer Windows desktop and mobile android.

The computer in this case will become the station platform and the mobile receiver. Now configure the profile with the name of the receiving device and only remains you click on the “Send” button. At this point you have to drag and drop the file (in this case a video 5.6MB), then select “Next”. The tool will start to search for the device connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

On the receiving device will have to accept files sent from the computer to start ShareIT transfer files quickly without data consumption.

ShareIt is a free application that is available for Windows operating systems, Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

official site:

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