Crazy Ways to Make More Money at Work


Everyone wants to make more money and if they didn’t, there would probably be something seriously wrong with them. Money is what keeps us alive and pays our bills. Unfortunately, there usually isn’t enough to go around. If you are in a rut and seeking ways to make more money at work, here are some crazy, quirky ways to make a few extra bucks. Some are pretty ‘ordinary’ but in your hurry to get your hands on some extra cash now, you probably hadn’t thought of them!

1. Off-the-clock Projects with Co-workers

While this isn’t exactly making more money ‘at work,’ it would be using your network of coworkers to make more money off the clock. Sometimes there are skills you all have in common and if you were savvy, you could join forces to have a little side business going.

2. Market Talents to Your Boss for Side Projects

Then there are things you know that aren’t exactly job related, but your boss needs having done. What about window washing or office cleaning? Many companies don’t have professional cleaners scheduled and if you and your spouse want to team up out-of-hours to do a bit of cleaning, why not? Your boss already knows you and knows you are trustworthy, so you’d be the perfect solution to someone being on the premises when no one else is there to monitor.

3. Check out All Company Bonuses and Rewards

One of the best incentives that bosses find in offering rewards and bonuses is that it motivates employees to achieve above and beyond! Check out your company’s bonus or rewards going on at any given time. Sometimes it’s just enough money to give you that extra ambition to get going in high gear. A few hundred extra dollars every now and then sure is nice!

4. Start Your Own Side Business to Market to Fellow Employees

What about little things you can do that you might be able to market to fellow employees? Perhaps you could become an affiliate marketer, which entitles you to a huge discount in products and/or services. By passing that discount on to coworkers, you will make a little extra cash, they will enjoy buying products at a discount and chances are good that they will become regular customers over time.

5. Finally – A Look a Long Term Goals that Will Give You a Nice Pay Raise

Finally, there’s something to be said for furthering your education. No, an online MBA won’t get you more money now or in the immediate future, but over the long haul it can double or even triple (or more!) your current rate of pay. Colleges like Pepperdine University enable you to take a masters in business administration online so that within a couple years you will be able earn more money and enjoy extra responsibility.

Some things you can do to actually make more money on the job right here and now. Other things may be work-related, but not strictly on the clock. With a little creativity and a healthy dose of ambition, you really can make more money. It just takes setting your mind to it.

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