Landscape Designing Made Easy for Busy Moms

Becoming a mother is not nearly the end of your career. You could definitely look after your child, and pursue professional landscape design on your free time. You can work from home, and earn quite a decent amount. By constructively utilizing the open space in your home, you could create fantastic landscape designs, starting from lawn manicuring and moving on to creatively merging open spaces using clean lines to create great outdoor spaces.

There are tons of great things you can do as a beginner in the world of landscape designing. Besides getting an attractive lawn, you could also generate as much as 200% return on investment, which is brilliant.

Come Up with a List

There is no need to get worked up and to unnecessarily overcomplicate things in your head. Think of things you would like to do or possess outside, and things you would not like to have done to your landscape. You could hire expert designers like King Landscape Company for advice and assistance.

Start on a Relatively Smaller Note: It is worth knowing that the home transformation shows and magazines which claim to pull off stupendous transformations in two to three days are really not great inspirations. These sites have humongous groups of 50 experienced crew members working non-stop; a luxury you obviously cannot afford. Besides, the entire point is enjoying your own pet project which you are working on in your free time. Go small, like a flowerbed. Then work your way up, take your time, and see how you like it. Go for a modular approach. If you try to do everything at once, you invariably make compromises and shortcuts which make the experience as well as the outcome rather unsatisfactory for you.

Plant Placement: By rearranging or adding large plants onto your lawn, you could open up a wide range of landscaping avenues. Note that gravel, pebbles and large stones act as obstructions. You could instead use properly-positioned grass to add beauty to the landscape, and plan something like a trendy deck, surrounded by nature and greenery. The stairs could be adorned by potted plants, flowers or tall grasses for a rather luxuriant look.

Planters and Pots: Pots and planters are definitely aspects which you should spend more time on, and be choosier with. You should go for chic, contemporary pots, or cheaper sleek pots. Move away from the earthy template, and embrace bright halogen tones, metallic colors and blues too. A number of planters include great sculptural designs. If you want to build something that lasts, go for stackable planters instead.

Seat Arrangement: You’re building a landscape with a great view; it only makes sense that you have comfortable and attractive seating spaces. Go for good-looking chairs and sofas. Rather than replanting or grass-carpeting, cover up patchy areas and make them seating areas instead. Use centerpieces which could provide a stark contrast and add glamour to the design. If you’re doing up a rooftop space, this is no longer an option, but a mandatory matter. Use rugs, and add greenery and any cosmetic elements you like.

Quality Is Key: You’re looking to build something that looks good, and lasts. Always use high quality products. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go for the most expensive market offerings. Just cover your bases and look out for unique deals in specialized stores and online portals. As a mother, you must also ensure that the space is in no way harmful or risky for the children to play in. Use chemicals, products or sharp objects wisely.

Author: Quincy Lehmann is an outdoor designer and free thinker. He is into blogging, writing and art. He recommends King Landscape Company over any other for advice or solutions.

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