Revamping a Room with One Simple Change

Once in a while, you’re likely to feel the need for a change in your living space. However, redecorating an entire room can be a big task, and sometimes it’s not always suitable for your budget. Even so, you don’t have to sit in a space you no longer like the look of indefinitely. You can make a room feel new and improved by making a single change to the area. Here are some of the most effective ways to easily freshen up your living space.

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Blinds or Drapes

Having new blinds installed can be a great way of freshening up a room. It’s better to purchase the best quality you can afford for longevity, and if you’re only making this one change, you’re likely to be able to spend a little more on them anyway. If you don’t have blinds in your home, changing the drapes will have the same effect. Treat yourself to some luxurious materials that can frame your windows in style.


Another simple yet effective change is having your floors redone. If you already have carpeted floors, why not try something different and have some hardwood flooring put in instead? This can look incredible, especially when paired with a vintage rug. Alternatively, if you prefer carpeted floors, replacing your old, dull carpet will make the place brighter and feel cozier. It is worth noting that if you have stairs or steps in the space you’re trying to revitalize, remember to have stair carpet rods put in place to avoid any accidents as a result of tripping on a loose carpet.


Buying a new couch or bedframe could be a good idea, especially if your current furniture is past its best. As there are so many different styles available, it’s easy to make a room look new if you choose something that is in contrast to what you currently own. For example, you could switch out a corner sofa for a chaise longue, or replace a vinyl dining table with a rustic wooden one. Of course, this will all depend on your personal preference and comfort, but a simple change in furnishings will certainly make the space feel different.


Changing the wallpaper or painting the walls a different color will require a little more effort than the suggestions above, but perhaps this single change would have the most impact. Choosing the right color scheme for your room will depend on several factors, including space, lighting, and, again, your taste. Statement walls are a mainstay of interior design and could help add some depth to a room.

New Accessories

Perhaps the cheapest and simplest change you can make is adding new accessories into the room. Decorative cushions, comforters, photography, and even plants can impart a sense of change. This is certainly a strong option for those who are having to work with tight budgets. You don’t have to spend a fortune on making a room feel new and different. Try these suggestions to help spruce up your living space without too much effort.


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