Key Areas to Increase the Value of Your Home: A Guide

Playing the property market is both a thrilling and risky venture. And whether you’re simply looking to make some final adjustments to your home before you put it on the market, or you are looking to buy, renovate and resell homes for a living, you need to know which areas of a home to target to get the best return on your investment when you come to sell and move on. As such, here are some of the best areas to think about when selling your home – whether in 2020 or beyond.


The Outside

Its cover often judges a book, and a home is often judged by how it looks on the outside. This is especially true for house-buyers who are looking to impress guests on the arrival of their home – and those who want to be judged by the exterior surfaces, the cleanness of the windows, and the pleasant way that the front garden is organised. As such, you’re going to want to look at how you can improve the pavement-facing side of the home you’re looking to shift. Try everything to spruce it up, ready for the photographs.


The same rules can apply to bathrooms across the home – whether there’s only one toilet and shower in a small self-contained flat, or you’re selling a property with three or four bathrooms. Look right away for inspiration from for ideas on how you might be able to model a new bathroom to fit with contemporary mores – but, ultimately, house-buyers want to look at homes with newly-renovated bathrooms. Why? It’s simple: they want to feel that this room, which is the most intimate in the home, is new for them to use for the first time – not oft-frequented by previous owners.

The Kitchen

Most couples looking for a home are very concerned with this room, as it’s a place that smaller groupings of people often spend a lot of time before and after work. It’s the same for families, with the kitchen being the centre of life before school and after school. It needs to look good and, ideally, very modern. Make a renovation to your home’s kitchen to boost the value of your entire property immensely – if a home is a body, the kitchen is the beating heart, and house-buyers can appreciate that.

Overall Aesthetic

If you’re serious about selling your home for a large profit, now it’s time to look at the smaller features that you can install to make this house a real temptation for those who enjoy aesthetic conformity and the stylistic features that you’ve added to your home over time. With a big picture view, you should consider the colour schemes that you have in operation around your home, and what you could do to emphasise these to your guests and those who come to view your home. You’re selling not just a home, but a vision of a lifestyle – and part of that is how everything fits together aesthetically.

These four tips will help direct you towards how you can improve your home’s value in 2020.

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