Four Things to Know When Buying Sporting Tickets

ticketConsumer advocates say that in order to make sure that they score tickets to the big game, fans should be aware of some basic rules when it comes to buying tickets online in order to make sure that they have an enjoyable experience and don’t run into any avoidable complications. Although the internet has made purchasing tickets to football games and other sporting events a lot easier and more accessible, it has also made the whole process more complicated and frustrating at times, with fans having to deal with things such as the possibility of being scammed out of their money or being sold a fake ticket that they won’t be able to use. So, before you buy tickets to a must-see football game or any other sporting event that you are interested in attending, here are the top things that you need to know.

Be Patient

When it comes to getting tickets to football matches and other sporting events at the best price, being patient and waiting is the best way to save yourself some money. Those who rush to buy sporting event tickets as soon as they are released often end up paying the most, as the high demand for tickets around this time usually means that ticket sellers can put their prices up as high as possible and still get a large number of people willing to buy in order to make sure that they don’t miss out. But, waiting a while until the first release of tickets is over and the demand has died down often means that you can save money on the price of tickets, which usually falls in line with the falling levels of demand.

It’s also important to go with reputable ticket companies, such as, rather than sites such as Craigslist as they offer additional guarantees to protect you from counterfeit tickets or scams.

Plan Ahead

Things such as getting to the stadium, finding somewhere secure to park your car or even staying over in a hotel for the weekend whilst you watch the game can all add up when it comes to the overall cost of attending. Planning ahead by booking your parking space in advance and getting a hotel room before the demand for accommodation rises closer to the event can be a good way to save money and ensure that you’re not left panicking without anywhere to stay or park your car whilst you attend the game.

Avoid Social Media Posting

Although there are definitely some great ways in which you can channel social media to find the best deals on tickets and plan ahead for the event, you should avoid posting pictures of your tickets on social media at all costs. Understandably, many people want to share the fact that they’re attending a sporting event that they’ve been looking forward to for a while with their family and friends, but when doing this, it’s important to limit yourself to a status about it, as posting tickets could increase your risk of being scammed. A picture of a ticket which shows a lot of details or the barcode can easily be used to make a counterfeit ticket, and even if you have your social media settings set on private, it’s still quite a big risk to take.

Restrictive Tickets

Many people purchase tickets to sporting events only for something to come up and get in the way in the meantime, meaning that they have to sell or give away their ticket as they’re no longer able to attend. Although you may not specifically be thinking about how easy it will be to sell your ticket on or give it away at the time of purchase, it’s always a good idea to keep this in mind to make sure that you’re prepared for any potential future situation and make things easier for yourself should you find yourself in a position where you can’t make it and have a ticket to sell. Customers should beware of restrictive paperless tickets, which are often sold for sporting events and mean that you will need to show up at the stadium with your identification in order to obtain the actual ticket. Although this is a very effective way of reducing the risk of counterfeit tickets and scams, it can make reselling your ticket a lot more difficult.

Whether you’re hoping to attend a football match to watch your favorite team play or are planning to go to another type of sporting event, keeping these tips in mind when buying tickets will help make sure that you have the best experience.

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