Explore The Ways to Get Rid of Baby Acne

baby acne

Yes! Babies are also prone to acne. Mothers are naturally worried about their infants and also responsible for taking care of their newborns. How sorry when you see red spots on your baby’s skin. It is an awkward moment for parents when they see rashes and bumps on their baby’s skin. Baby acne is a very common condition which mostly parents alarmed at once.

What Does Baby Acne Look Like?

Baby acne looks like small or tiny red bumps on your infant’s skin. It is also known as infant or toddler acne and medically named as acne neo natorum or neonatal rash. But it is not harmful but being a parent, you need to take care of your infant’s.

How to Help Baby Acne?

There is no need to worry at all as mentioned earlier baby or infant acne is not harmful at all. It is temporary and disappears within a few months as infant acne is not serious. Being a parent, you should understand the causes of baby acne and how to cure the condition. Keep reading to know about the causes of baby acne and after that read some ways which help to treat baby acne.

Baby Acne Causes:

Here are some common causes of baby acne:

  • Maternal Hormones
  • Yeast (Malassezia)
  • Medication Reaction
  • Probiotic Imbalance

Well – from above you unfold both questions what does baby acne look like and how to help baby acne. Even you also come to know about the baby acne causes. Stop worrying! Here you can also unfold the question of how to clear baby acne at home. People often ask about the baby acne treatment; No doubt there are plenty of natural ways which helps to get rid of baby acne, but here you can explore the legitimate ways to cure the condition.

How to Clear Baby Acne – The Best Ways of Baby Acne Treatment:

Here are few common ways which help to get rid of baby acne:

Facial cleansing of Babies:

The prior thing is that you should keep the skin of your baby neat and clean. You ought to wash it on a daily basis with lukewarm water as warm water soothing for babies. If you notice baby acne in severe condition, then you ought to use a mild soap.

  • Keep in mind never use adolescents or adults soaps because it contains very strong chemical which may be too harsh for your infant’s skin.
  • You can use the soaps which are specially for babies.
  • You ought to wash your babies skin once a day, never over-wash your infant skin otherwise it irritates and produce oil glands on infant skin.

Avoid Scrubbing The Infant Skin:

Of – course, you are responsible for washing your baby every day with lukewarm water. May parents often use face and body scrubbers for infant’s as it harsh the skin of infant’s. Even don’t scrub with the towel as it can also aggravate the acne.

  • Baby acne doesn’t cause by dirt, in actual, it is due to over-active oil glands. That’s why when you are scrubbing your infant skin it cause the glands to produce more oil.
  • In case there is a need of scrubbing then you use a clean and soapy washcloth. You can rub the cloth in gentle and circular movements.

Washing Clothes with Organic Detergents:

Remember that you should wash the infant’s cloth with chemical-free or organic detergents. Sometimes chemicals seep into the clothes which worsen acne and even cause neo natorum or neonatal rash. So, you ought to use organic detergent as it helps to prevent breakouts.


Oatmeal is quite effective for acne and pimples. Keep in mind that never use oatmeal areas under the eyes. If you see acne on infant’s body, arm or legs then oatmeal is the best to get rid of it. Take 1/3 cup of oatmeal and put it into the blender to make a fine powder. Then take lukewarm water and add the powder into it. Wash your baby with this solution and keep the solution away from the eyes. Oatmeal is harmful to baby eyes that’s why keep away it from the face skin. After that pat your child with a soft towel and one more thing that keeps a child’s towel separate from others.

Thankfully – you come to know how to get rid of baby acne in natural ways.

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