3 Unexpected Careers in Medicine


So, you’re considering going into medicine, but you’re not really into that whole general surgeon thing? Here are three unexpected careers that could land you your dream job of helping people without having to go through all the hoops to become a doctor.


While the education for a full-fledged pharmacy can be almost as daunting as the years of med school and residency, a career in pharmacy can be a great way for you expand your horizons, especially if you’re great at chemistry and a little more squeamish than you’d like to be. With technological advancements such as e-prescriptions and electronic signature capture for pharmacies, a job as a pharmacy technician or trained pharmacist will be more than just trying to read illegible doctors’ notes and filling scripts. You’ll be contributing to your patients’ overall health, safety and well-being on a very real and individual level.


One of the most important fields in medicine is nursing. Wherever there are doctors, there are nurses already one step ahead. While doctors train in treating diseases, nurses are trained to treat patients. The one-on-one care that a nurse provides is crucial to the healing process, and the technical skills to chart and monitor vital information is essential to the work that doctors are able to do. Whether you choose to pursue nursing in a hectic hospital environment or you find yourself helping as a home health aide, nursing is an extremely valuable skill that can change patients’ lives, as well as save them.


Another way you can put your affinity for medicine to good use is by going into radiology. With the training to perform MRIs and CT scans, and the opportunity to specialize in orthopedic X-rays or prenatal ultrasounds, there are plenty of career paths in radiology to meet your personal interests. For example, time-sensitive screenings through mobile radiology can save lives by getting patients the knowledge and diagnoses they need quickly and conveniently. Working with patients on a one-on-one basis can be extremely fulfilling and is becoming more and more necessary as new technologies are developed to help doctors diagnose internal issues.

Whatever career path in medicine you choose, you should rest easy knowing that helping patients with health concerns in any capacity is a life worth living. Whether you decide to work towards pharmacy, nursing, or radiology, or you’re ready to bite the bullet and head to med school, your medical training will be an asset to you and your community.

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