7 Must Read Pregnancy Tips


Pregnancy is a great time when a female of child bearing age blooms into a woman as she awaits her turn to be a mother. Pregnancy will enrich you with a rich experience that you have never felt before. In addition, it prepares you to take care of the life that is growing inside you. Here are tips to help you through this amazing journey.

Invest in maternity clothes

Ensure that you start investing in good clothes that will protect your baby bump earlier on. This is because you may not be comfortable in your normal clothes as the baby grows. Buy different types of clothes so that you can have a wide variety to choose from when going for family meetings, parties, church, and even to work. Avoid tight fitting clothes as they will interfere with the normal growth and development of the baby.

Schedule a daily nap

Pregnancy can take a toll on most women. This leaves them exhausted most of the time. Therefore, you should schedule at least one hour of sleeping time during the day. This will enable you to still stay productive without exhausting your body excessively. Too much work can also affect the development of the baby or cause a miscarriage.

Talk to your partner

Discuss with your spouse about the changes that will take place after the arrival of the baby. This will enable both of you to bond and prepare psychologically for the arrival of the baby. In addition, you will have a stronger relationship as a couple.

Check your due date

Estimating the date of birth for your unborn baby is essential. Use a due date calculator to get an estimated date. This will enable you to make the necessary preparations for your child. These include financial plans, purchase of clothes, preparing your home for the new baby and much more.

Take belly pictures

It is good for you to take pictures of yourself and your growing tummy. If possible, take a few pictures every month. This way, you will have treasured memories that you can look at years after the birth of your baby. You will be glad to have treasured memories of your pregnancy.

Emotional health

Pregnancy is accompanied by a variety of emotions. Therefore, take care of your mood swings especially if they are affecting your daily life. You should handle your emotions so that they do not affect other people. If you have any pressing problems, then seek professional help.

Environmental dangers

You should avoid any environmental hazards that can be dangerous for you and your growing fetus. Some of these dangers include radiation, biological agents, chemicals and heavy metals such as mercury and lead. Some detergents, pesticides, and solvents used in the workplace or home are harmful and can interfere with the growth of your child.

There are many calculators that you may find useful throughout your pregnancy. Some of these calculators include the pregnancy calorie intake calculator, the iron intake calculator and much more. The most important of these calculators is the one that calculates your due date. This is because it gives you an estimated day when you are likely to get your new bundle of joy. You can get one by visiting http://www.acalculator.com.

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