Explore the Coastline Aboard a Luxury Sport Boat

There’s a different type of boating enthusiast that’s just as passionate about being out on the tropical waters of Thailand as the typical yacht owner. But this type of enthusiast is in love with the natural marine environment that Thailand offers. 

For them, touring the coastline aboard a large, air-conditioned yacht doesn’t provide them with the closeness of being surrounded by nature. These adventurers are composed of divers, snorkelers, water skiers and wakeboarders, fishing enthusiasts, naturalists and photographers. For them, the boat of choice is a luxury sport boat known as an RIB or Rigid Inflatable Boat.  

These quick, advanced and durable boats are the perfect vessel for exploring the thousands of coves and small hidden inlets along the thousands of kilometres of Thailand’s Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Ocean coastlines. 

Perfect Design for Exploring Thailand’s Waters

The luxury sport boat has taken all the most important features of the large, modern yacht and utilised them to create a dependable and comfortable boat that satisfies the needs of these adventurers. 

The hulls of these boats are reinforced to easily withstand being repeatedly beached, or bumping up against rocks while exploring narrow inlets. They have advanced electronics usually found on the latest superyachts. And with both outboard and inboard engine layouts available, these boats are both powerful and maneuverable.  

A day of exploration aboard one of these increasingly popular boats around the waters of Thailand is likely to be infinitely rewarding and allow you entry to places that few boats can go. 

Seeing All There Is to See

For the breed of marine explorer that wants to see all there is to see, a luxury sport boat provides them with the perfect mode of transportation. 

The transoms are wide and spacious, providing easy entry and exit to the water from the rear of the boat. This is perfect for snorkelers, divers and water sports enthusiasts. The powerful and fast engines get you to your destination quickly, and the deep-V hulls ensure the ride is smooth and comfortable. And they come in many sizes and layouts, which means there is a boat for  

With eco-tourism becoming more popular in Thailand and around the world, more boating enthusiasts are discovering the virtues of owning a reliable boat that stands up to their lifestyle and delivers them wherever they want to go. 

Boat Lagoon Yachting is a yacht broker in Thailand with facilities in Krabi, Samui, Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. They’re a great resource that offers a large variety of SACs luxury sport boats, a highly respected brand in RIBs. Meeting with one of their experienced brokers for a consultation is the best way to introduce you to these versatile boats. They’ll ensure that all your needs are met, and you end up with a boat that will provide you with years of pleasure and adventures in Thailand.  Expand your horizons by buying a boat that allows you to explore Thailand’s beautiful, tropical coastline. Get in touch with Boat Lagoon Yachting to see how easy it is to own your own boat. 

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