Ball Lock Kegs: Pros and Cons

The choice of a suitable method of beer packaging is one of the key decisions to be made by the beginner brewer after he has chosen the type of brewing system.

We recommend you to buy a ball lock keg, that is one of the varieties of corny keg. It is equipped with a handy ball lock, making it one of the most popular models among beginners. Read in our article about all the advantages of this equipment, as well as about where it can be purchased.

Ball Lock Kegs

Advantages of Ball Lock Kegs

Ball Lock Kegs is a small cylindrical barrel designed for beer dispensing and storage.

If you still doubt whether this model suits you, here are the TOP 5 reasons to choose it:

  1. Made of stainless steel. Its reliable and versatile structure is designed for a maximum pressure of 60 pounds per square inch. Due to this, this barrel is great for storing beer.
  2. A ball lock is much more convenient than a pin lock.  The manual safety valve makes it easy to ventilate the barrel as needed.
  3. There are different shapes and sizes, depending on their height. Thanks to this, you can easily choose exactly what you need for your home brewing. The most common models are 15, 17 and 24.75 inches. 24.75 inches is considered the most popular, as it holds 5 gallons (approximately 19 liters) of finished product. 
  4. As easy as possible to operate and carry, it is a perfect option for beginners. 
  5. Easy to maintain. Special safety valve makes it easy to disassemble and disinfect the barrel if necessary.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Ball Lock Kegs?

This equipment has almost no disadvantages.

The only downside is that, because of their small size, they are not suitable for industrial use.

In this case, you should pay attention to products that contain more gallons of beer.

Looking for a quality ball lock keg? Visit the online store of a Canadian company Beverage Craft Here you will find a good selection of different barrels, as well as all the necessary spare parts and accessories for their maintenance.

The consultants of the company will gladly help you to choose the optimal model, and will also tell you how to use it. You will be satisfied with your choice!

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