4 Benefits of having Super-Fast Internet Access

In today’s world it is likely that you will need internet access for your home entertainment such as gaming or streaming movies. It will also be essential for business use in your company or home office. In recent times the world has seen the move from dial up internet access (which has been around since the 1980’s) to broadband and then to ultra-fast fiber optic connections. Modern internet applications such as online gaming and streaming in high definition can require the uploading and downloading of large amounts of data and as such it makes sense to have the fastest possible internet connection. Here are just 4 of the reasons why super-fast internet access can be of great benefit to your life.

1.   For improved security

Older systems of connecting to the internet rely on the use of copper cables rather than fiber optic cables. Hackers can easily modify copper cables to steal information. This is done by connecting taps to the copper line which then pick up the electronic signals. It is immensely more difficult to use this system of interception on a fiber optic cable and as such the security of fiber optic cables is considered to be far better. This is an age of a growing awareness of cyber security issues. Malware and denial of service attacks are an everyday occurrence on a global scale. By having the extra security benefits of a fiber optic internet connection, you are taking one crucial step towards increasing your security online.

2.   For a better gaming experience

As all pro and hardcore gamers know, one of the key factors in performing well in competitive online games is by having a strong, fast and reliable internet connection. Modern online games require significant amounts of data to be both downloaded and uploaded in lightening quick times to ensure a seamless gaming experience without lag or glitches and high-speedfiber internet connections are far superior to cable internet or broadband in achieving this.

3.   Reducing costs

Fiber optic internet access tends to be the most expensive option for consumers or businesses as it offers the fastest and most reliable method to connect to the internet and this comes at a premium. However, as the rollout of more fiber internet infrastructure continues, there will be greater connectivity and the initial costs of installing new fiber optic exchanges will become less of a factor. As more business and home users switch to fiber internet providers it is likely that the costs will reduce. Fiber internet infrastructure is also more durable and easier to maintain than networks of copper wires so the providing companies will need to maintain the networks less and will have lower costs associated with this.

4.   Higher quality television pictures

In recent years there has been the rollout of 4K television sets and monitors into the consumer and business marketplaces. 4K picture quality is significantly higher quality than the previous standard of high-definition visuals at almost four times the number of pixels. When streaming movies and TV programs in 4K there is a larger amount of information that needs to be downloaded to enable the viewing at 4K resolutions. With an ultra-fast fiber internet connection, the speed and capacity of this is enough to enable smooth and detailed picture quality, whereas with slower connections there may not be enough capacity to stream in real time without losing visual fidelity.

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