Benefits of Clear Bras

Clear bras are also known as paint protection films, and they help protect the paint finish on vehicles.    These urethane films create a barrier between the paint finish and materials harmful to it, such as bird droppings, rocks, road debris, and UV rays. Clear bras have several benefits, including reasonable prices, invisible protection, and less maintenance.

Reasonable Cost

Clear bras are reasonably priced compared to a new paint job for a vehicle, which can cost around $2,000.    As with most consumer products, the more expensive paint protection films offer more protection for the paint finish.    Also, well-known brand name clear bras are likely to cost more than lesser-known brand name bras.

Invisible Protection

As the name implies, clear bras or paint protection films are invisible because they do not impair the look of the paint finish. They are specifically designed to let the paint job shine through. It is recommended that clear bras be installed by professionals such as auto body shop Denver CO. To see a properly installed clear bra, a person would need to be up close to the vehicle.    If it is visible from further away, it may not have been installed well.

Less Maintenance

The amount of cleaning care needed for a vehicle is reduced with a clear bra. That does not mean that the vehicle never needs washing.    It means when the car is washed, it should be followed by a wax and a thorough inspection of the finish to check for any signs of damage.    Regular washing and waxing can help prolong the life of the paint protection film.

Universal Application

Paint protection films were initially designed to prevent damage to military armored vehicles and helicopters from flying debris. They can be installed on any vehicle and can conform to hoods, bumpers, fenders, mirrors, and lights.    Clear bras can also be used on bicycles, outside furniture, motorhomes, and boats.

Easily Removable

If the paint protection film is damaged, it can be removed easily, and without damaging the paint underneath.    When buying a new vehicle, the clear bra on the existing car can be removed and applied to the new vehicle.

Clear bras have many benefits starting with a reasonable cost compared to a paint repair job.    The film is invisible when properly installed, except when looking very closely at the vehicle.    Regular washing and waxing are all that is needed in terms of maintenance. Clear bras can be applied to any vehicle and other items and are easily removable if damaged or removing to install on a different vehicle.



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