6 Sneaky Ways to Determine Her Ring Size

So you have decided it is the perfect time to pop the question and you already have your eye on a stunning, sparkling engagement ring just for her. The only problem? You have absolutely no idea what her ring size is. Fear not. There are a few sneaky ways to find out without spoiling the surprise. Here’s what you need to know.

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Go Into Her Jewellery Collection

Before placing your order for F jewellery womens jewellery, take a stealthy tour of her already-existing jewelry collection. Even if she isn’t really one to wear rings, you are bound to find at least one or two in there that will give you a decent idea of her size.

Speak to Her Family and Friends

Chat to her family and friends about her ring size — but only the ones who you know you can trust to keep a secret! Better yet, approach her sister if she has one and if they are of a similar stature. Her ring size may be pretty close to that of your bride to be.

Hold Hands

Pay close attention the next time your fingers are entwined. Look at her fingers against your own. Are there any that are a close enough match? This is a good general guide of the size that you need to be looking for. Just be careful not to stare too hard! You don’t want to give the game away.

Use String

This is a bit of a gamble because you might get caught in the act. However, if your girlfriend is a very deep sleeper, it may be worth a try. Simply loop a piece of string around the ring finger on her left hand and make a mark on the string where the two pieces meet. Don’t pull too tight though!

Use the Average as a Guide

The average women’s ring size is N. Use this as a good general guide based on the size of your girlfriend’s hands. If they are smaller than average, opt for an L or an M; if they are larger than average, go for an O or a P.

Just Ask Her

If you are not overly concerned about the proposal being a surprise, just go ahead and ask her for her size. This approach can be subtler than you think, especially if you occasionally talk about the prospect of getting married. The next time the topic comes up naturally in conversation, jokingly slot in a question about her ring size. If all else fails, just try your best! Remember that it is better to get a ring size that is too big than too small so that she can still snap an engagement photo for Instagram before sending it back the jeweller to have it resized. No harm, no foul. As long as she loves her beautiful engagement ring, she probably won’t mind too much that the initial size wasn’t quite the perfect fit. At least the two of you are! That’s all that really matters in the long run, after all.

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