5 Space Saving Tips for Small Gardens

Having a small garden does not mean you have to sacrifice having a beautiful garden. Here are some ideas to help you create a delightful garden with the small space that you have.

space saving

Double Your Space

Adding a mirror to a wall in your garden or simply leaning it against outdoor furniture not only makes a lovely feature, but also creates the appearance of extra space. It can add extra light to darker corners of the garden. Grow a climbing plant or rose to the side of it to make it feel part of the garden. Just be sure not to position it in direct sunlight.

Think Vertically

If you don’t have the room on the ground, then perhaps you might want to start thinking vertically. You may even consider a hydroponic tower to grow things such as fruit and veg. They are modular and only require a small amount of square footage. All you have to do is add a nutrient solution and they are also self-watering. This may seem like an ideal way to have a vegetable patch in a small area. However, they won’t provide you with nutrient filled veg.

Another alternative would be having a vertical garden with soil. Vertical frames or planters also often have a built-in irrigation system so require less watering. An added benefit of this is that you can garden while standing, which is easier on the knees. Check this article for a comparison of a vertical garden vs a hydroponic tower.

Plant in Pots

If you haven’t got a lot of room for borders full of flowers, you can instead plant flowers and shrubs in pots. Look for flowers that thrive in pots and choose a selection of those. Put a few pots together in various areas around your garden to create interest and color. The great benefit of planting in pots is that you can easily move them around the garden when you want a change, or if you want to chase the sunlight.

You Can Still Have a Pond

Having a pond in your garden is a great way to attract wildlife to your garden. Perhaps you don’t have space for a pond in the traditional sense, but you may still be able to create a water feature. You can use an old sink or a large barrel to create a small area of water. A pond doesn’t have to be large to be effective at attracting wildlife and creating a soothing atmosphere in the garden.

Hanging Baskets

Another way of adding color and scent to your small garden is by using hanging baskets. It adds another level and dimension to your garden as these can be hung on a wall by the back door, or even along a fence or wall. You can even grow strawberries or herbs in a hanging basket, and if they are hanging by your back door or kitchen window, they will be super easy to pick. They are also less likely to get affected by bugs and pests as they are raised off the ground. So, if you think you may be limited on what you can achieve in your garden because of the size of it, don’t be put off. This shows that there are some great ideas of how to maximize the garden space that you do have.

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