5 Important Maintenance Tips for Your UTV


Congratulations! You just purchased your very first UTV! The paint is still shiny and the engine is just waiting to roar to life. If you want to keep your vehicle in such good condition, however, you’ll need to devote time and energy to maintaining it. If you’re serious about proper UTV care, here are just five tips for general upkeep.

1. Change Your Oil

This may sound like basic advice, but you’d be surprised by how many people still don’t follow it. You should be checking your oil at least 2-3 times per season and definitely before you take it for a ride after it’s been in the garage for a long time. A little foresight today could save you a lot of trouble in the future.

2. Don’t Over-Tighten

This goes for screws, bolts and anything else under your hood. You may be tempted to torque these little things as tightly as they’ll go, but in reality, all you’re doing is stripping the threads and making it that much harder to get the screw or bolt back out again.

3. Check For Compatibility

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying engine parts or side by side accessories. If they don’t fit, you can’t just hammer them into place. Always check for size, power and operational compatibility before handing over your paycheck for things like stereos or exhaust pipes.

4. Change Your Spark Plugs

They’re inexpensive and easy to install, so there’s no reason to cut corners when it comes to spark plugs, especially if you’ve been skimping on gas quality. Low-quality fuel can eat away at spark plugs like nothing else. On the flip side, some UTV owners change their spark plugs once a year even if they don’t need it; they just want their ride to be operating at its fullest potential.

5. Stay Vigilant

Last but certainly not least, keep a sharp eye on your UTV. Be on the lookout for problems every time your gaze scans over it. If you can catch a minor issue before it balloons into a bigger one, you might just save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair costs.

These are just a few maintenance tips that every UTV owner should follow. If you want to keep your vehicle running like it’s always fresh off the lot, take these suggestions to heart.

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