Whatsapp On Multiple Devices, How The Synchronization Of Status, Contacts And Messages Works

To test the functioning of the new WhatsApp service, it is necessary to participate in the beta in which even imperfections must be taken into account.

It was a novelty expected by all those who use WhatsApp and now it is coming. This is the possibility of using WhatsApp on multiple devices in a completely independent way by synchronizing status, contacts and messages on all devices.

For the moment we are experimenting with the possibility of using WhatsApp on four devices without the need for a connection to the smartphone. This was not easy to do, as it involved rewriting the entire app architecture, but in the end the results are satisfactory because we still managed to maintain end-to-end encryption despite synchronizing the data on multiple devices.

Beta program for WhatsApp on multiple devices

To test the functioning of the new WhatsApp service, you need to participate in the beta. You have to sign up via the WhatsApp support page on the official website. To join on Android you need to tap on the menu (the three dots at the top right), then on Connected devices, Multi-device beta version and Join the beta version. On the iPhone from the settings you have to go to connected devices, Multi-device beta version, Join the beta version. Chat and share stories of online slots real money with your friends on whatsapp.

While now when you record a video or take an image in WhatsApp the quality is decided autonomously by the app, in the next versions we choose the compression to use. We can choose between three options: Data Saver, Maximum Quality or Auto.

With the first setting the images will be more compressed and therefore we will be able to send and receive them consuming less data, with the second setting they will be sent at the highest possible quality, while the Auto option will allow the app to choose which option to activate based on parameters that at the moment it is not known. Invite your friends to enjoy from whatsapp group to join with you casino australia real money.

Another tool under development is a filter that allows you to find large submitted files so that you can delete them more easily. The section has a storage bar that shows at a glance how much WhatsApp occupies with all received files. There is also a section that helps you review all these files sorted by different criteria, thus allowing you to carefully and consciously delete them. In this second section, for example, you can sort files by size , view images or delete multiple files at the same time. All without leaving WhatsApp or installing external file managers. From the same section it is also possible to see the list of chats and how much they occupy, with the possibility of searching and managing specific conversations, both individual and group, being able to clean them to avoid taking up space.

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