The New Age of Technology: How Human Augmentation is Transforming our Lives

What is human Augmentation? Most people first think of the sci-fi future where we’ve all been replaced by robots, but that’s not what we mean here. Human augmentation refers to using technology to better our human experience in more ways than just saving time or improving efficiency. Rather, it means using technology to enhance what makes us human. To look into the future and predict how human augmentation will affect us as a society and individually, read on!


Technological advancements in the last few years have been nothing short of incredible. The introduction of wearable technology, such as activity trackers, smart watches and virtual reality headsets, has made interacting with technology more natural and seamless. For example, wearables provide a means for more intuitive control over computers that are on the other side of a room or just too difficult to reach. Wearables also offer an increased level of safety by tracking where we go and providing emergency alerts if needed. Advanced technology is giving you a great feel to enjoy new online casino.

3D Printing

3D printers are a recent invention that allows us to produce physical objects from digital designs. 3D printing technology can be used in many ways, such as making custom prosthetics, toys, and other objects. The process involves assembling successive layers of material until the final product is created. To make an arm, for example, the printer will start with an extended horizontal platform made up of columns that descend down into an abyss on each side. Next, it will lay down a thin layer of plastic powder or metal dust (called ink) across the platform; this gets thicker towards the center and tapers off towards the edges.

Smart Products

  1. Google Glass

This product has the ability to record video, take photos and shoot live footage.

  • The Oculus Rift

This product can transport you into a virtual world that you can explore from any angle as though you were actually there.

  • The Samsung Gear VR

This product puts you in an amazing 360-degree video while providing full head tracking, meaning your head movements control what the screen shows.

Virtual Reality

VR provides an immersive experience that lets you explore new worlds and have adventures without leaving your living room. In fact, VR can be so lifelike that it’s often called presence–the feeling that you’re really there. As technology advances, more people are discovering ways to use VR for education, therapy, and training in a range of professions including design, medicine and law enforcement.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has the power to revolutionize different industries, from finance to manufacturing and even healthcare. Blockchain can be described as a public ledger for all transactions that are entered into it. It records every transaction chronologically so anyone on the internet can view them. This technology is using in best usa casinos industry as well.

However, this process requires many computers to run in tandem and it takes time for new blocks to be added to the chain. This means that multiple sources verify transactions before they’re added to the blockchain’s ledger.

Augmented Reality

It is predicted that by 2020, AR will generate $200 billion in revenue. This technology has already found its way into the consumer market with several high-profile applications including Pokémon GO and Snapchat filters. AR can also be seen in hospitals to help surgeons navigate a patient’s anatomy during surgery, or in construction sites to provide instructions for building blueprints.

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