User Generated Content: How it is Relevant for Businesses?

The marketing world is experiencing a rise of user-generated content on social media, and if you are someone who has no idea what exactly UGC is then you need to read this blog.

So, let’s get started!

What is User-generated Content?

You must have gone through reviews, feedback, images, videos, testimonials, and more on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. All of these are a form of User Generated Content or User Created Content (UCC).

Referred to as the type of content created by the user using the branded hashtags or mentions, the User-created Content can showcase a brand more positively and genuinely amongst the customers than any internal campaign could. 

For example, the globally famous UGC campaign #ShareaCoke which was launched by Coca Cola is one of the best examples of user-created content. In this campaign, the brand introduced personalized Coca-Cola bottles with the customers’ names.

Also, Coca Cola had asked customers to share their pictures with the personalized coke bottles on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.

As a result of this encouragement, millions of people took part in this #ShareaCoke campaign, showing how impactful and powerful these campaigns could be for brands.

But what makes User Created Content so powerful is its tendency of building trust. People sharing personal experiences and stories is what makes UGC and any brand leveraging this form of content can’t be ignored by the audience.

For instance, if a brand will promote their product directly you’ll not trust it initially. But if any of your friends, family, or colleagues will share the same message with you, you will trust them in one go.

This is why it is being said that with user-generated content comes trust, and without trust, no brand or business can survive in the market for a longer time.

Know-How User-generated Content is Relevant for Brands

 Showcases Proof

Every marketer sees Consumer-generated Content as a proof of the quality of products and services, and therefore it increases the brand’s credibility. This generates the interest of customers in your product.

user generated content

Can Be Personalized

Speaking of customer-generated content, brands can customize it using social media aggregator tools like Taggbox. Such aggregator tools help you apply various designing elements like themes, banners, background etc. to add a fresh approach to Customer Generated Content. Also, your potential customers look at your content with a different view.

Educate About Potential Customers

For every marketer knowing the target audience is extremely important otherwise they just can’t offer anything.

And with the help of User-Created Content, you can get an insight of your customers’ behavior like what they like, what excites them, etc.

In short, Consumer Generated Content lets you understand your audience, and once you get it, you can easily reach out to them.

Focuses on Customers

With the increase in complexity and competition, digital marketing has become very competitive. Therefore businesses are looking for ways to create a positive impact on the customers.

You need to come up with ideas that revolve around customer satisfaction. Also, it is very important to treat your customers correctly, then only you can get more customers.

If simply put, potential customers can know about your business with the help of UGC shared by the existing customers.


You can bring the user-generated content on the table from various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more without spending a single dime. That’s another reason that makes consumer-generated content effective is its budget-friendliness.

Trusted Over Branded Content

Over the past few years, modern ways of marketing have overshadowed the traditional ways. For example, more and more customers are investing their time and money in online platforms to buy any goods or services.

And while user-generated content is the most trustable & authentic form of content, it has been preferred by the customers moreover branded content.

The reason for this ignorance of branded content by the customers is that marketers main focus is to generate sales and boost leads.

To achieve their goals, marketers might try to hide the flaws of their products & services from the customers.

So, instead of following the wrong marketing tactics, leverage user-generated content to gain more customers.

Now as we have talked about how user-generated content is effective for marketers and brands, we can start with what UGC platforms are!

UGC Platforms- One-stop Solutions for User-Generated Content Needs

To aggregate UGC from various social media networks, you need to take help from a UGC Platform. It is a tool to collect User-Created Content via hashtags, mentions etc and curate it into a single feed. This feed can be then embedded on any marketing channels like websites, digital signages etc.

With the advancement in the marketing world, the number of UGC platforms has been reached to a great extent, and also every day so many new platforms are being introduced to provide help to the marketers. Leverage these UGC platforms to bridge the gap between user-generated content and marketing touchpoints and see the massive change in your business’s growth. 

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